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12 Times Khloé Kardashian Inspired Us to Work Out

Now and Then

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Khloé has been taking heat for her weight for years, but haters’ have no ground to stand on any more. Last Friday, she posted this image of her unbelievable abs with a pretty inspiring caption, saying she feels healthier and happier ever since finding therapeutic value in her fitness routine two years ago. “Start small so you don’t get discouraged and give up,” she advises. And while she adds that her enjoyment comes from sweating out her frustrations and not for how she looks, we’ll happily find inspiration in this transformation photo.

It's a Cinch

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That waist! Khloé attributes her new curves to a waist shaper, just like the one Kim wore to slim down for her wedding. But, while her whittled waist may look enviable in this photo, wearing a corset won't give you any permanent benefits, and can actually be harmful to your organs. (Find out more: Is Wearing a Corset the Secret to Weight Loss?)

Wow-ing in White

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Our mom told us no white after labor day, but if you look this good in the most unflattering color, we think it's okay to wear it year round.

Punch it Out

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Khloé seems to have learned the secret of many of our fave fit females: Boxing not only works your entire body, but torches serious calories. And since this was just one of many boxing photos on her feed, we can guess how those newfound abs were formed! (Try it yourself with this Kickboxing for Killer Abs routine.)

Gone Hiking

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A well-rounded workout routine is key to a healthy lifestyle—and that includes getting out of the gym. (Try The Wide-Open Spaces Workout.)

All About that Bass

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Wildlife aside, we can't stop staring at Khloé's toned tush! She may attribute it to these Kardashian Kollection leggings, but we know her secret is really in those extra hours at the gym. (Or extra minutes: 12-Minute Booty-Boost Workout.)

Training Like a Pro

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For this bungee run, Khloé and her trainer, Gunnar Peterson, both wore a waist belt. He anchored while she ran as far as possible, and then resisted the pull on the way back. This hardcore workout trains power, agility, quickness, and reaction time—and Khloé killed it!

Ahoy, Matey!

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Are we sure it was Helen of Troy whose beauty launched one thousand ships?

Lookin' Fly

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Aerial silks may work every inch of your body, but Khloé makes it look like plain ole' fun. (Aerial workouts are also How Troian Bellisario Got in Pretty Little Shape.)

Drop Dead(lift) Gorgeous

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Even if you don't have the natural assets the Kardashians are workng with, here's one booty boost you can steal from Khloé: Deadlifts are one of the best ways to tone your tush, no matter what your mama gave you. Just watch your form—here's a primer: Get it Right, Get Results: Deadlifts.

Gym Couture

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We all know it's true: sometimes the sole motivation for hitting the gym is getting to wear your new workout duds. A plaid button-down around the waist seems to be Khloe's favorite way to psyche herself up for the sweat session ahead; hey, whatever works! (18 Celebrities Who Look Amazing in Workout Clothes)

Legs for Days

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Despite the sign and bags, the real focus of this photo isn't Dash—it's those legs!


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