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The 15 Sexiest Men of the NFL

Tony Gonalez

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Tight End, Atlanta Falcons

If there’s a tight end we like to look at, it’s Tony Gonzalez (sorry, couldn’t resist). Standing tall at 6’5” and clocking in at 243 pounds, this NFLer is muy caliente. Plus, the ultra-healthy athlete is as dedicated to his diet as he is to sports; eating only organic fruits and veggies, free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, and fish (now we know why he has such a hot bod). He’s also very active with the Kidney Foundation, co-authored a fitness book, and founded a line of protein shakes.

Eli Manning

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Quarterback, New York Giants

What do you get when you combine a little Southern wholesomeness, a dash of adorable nerdiness, and a pinch of boyish charm? New York’s super stud Eli Manning, of course! His fast hands and field smarts led his team to victory in Super Bowl XLVI, so there’s no doubt the star quarterback with that infectious grin is a hot commodity. From marrying his college sweetheart to volunteering in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Manning is an Eli-te class act—on and off the field.

Braylon Edwards

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Wide Receiver, Seattle Seahawks

We’d say Braylon Edwards is a pretty nice package: strong and sexy with those soap opera good looks. Whether the explosive wide receiver is sporting his Seahawks jersey or a three-piece suit, there’s something about him that just says gorgeous! He’s had a little trouble with the law, but we forgive him; he’s super passionate about philanthropy and has reportedly helped more than 100 students by paying their full college tuition.

Larry Fitzgerald

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Wide Receiver, Arizona Cardinals

There’s no question Larry Fitzgerald puts the fashion in football. Voted the best-dressed NFL player for 2011 in a Sports Illustrated player’s poll, the Cardinals star receiver has an amazing smile and even better style! But don’t let his good looks fool you; he’s on a mission to reclaim the title of top receiver in the game. The 6’3”, 218-lb powerhouse has been selected for the Pro Bowl six times and ranks fourth all-time in NFL history in receiving yards per game for a career.

Tim Tebow

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Quarterback, New York Jets

This homeschooled hunk has become quite the pop-culture phenomenon. With those wholesome good looks, dedication to his Christian faith, and the fact he is saving himself for marriage…it’s hard not to love all things Tebow. Whether or not you think he can play quarterback with the big boys this season, we’ll still be Tebowing till the cows come home.

Terrell Owens

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Wide Receiver, Seattle Seahawks

Terrell Owens knows how to keep things entertaining. Creating a controversial firestorm with nearly every pro team he’s played for, T.O. is our resident bad boy. From his flamboyant touchdown celebrations to getting up close and personal on his VH1 reality show, the studly baller is definitely fun to watch. Even though he has a reputation for being a bit high-maintenance, he’s still a physical marvel at age 38.

Mark Sanchez

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Quarterback, New York Jets

Who says football isn’t pretty? With Mark Sanchez it sure is! Born in Long Beach, California, the hunky Jets quarterback now calls the Big Apple his home. Back in 2009, Sanchez had no problem heating up GQ in a steamy editorial with supermodel Hilary Rhoda (Google it now if you haven’t seen it!). Oozing loads of sex appeal, it’s no surprise he has a knack for attracting stunning ladies like Eva Longoria and Kate Upton alike.

Brady Quinn

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Brady Quinn: Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs

The eye candy keeps coming with this cutie QB. 6'3", 235 pounds, 5 percent body fat...Brady Quinn is Hot with a capital H! The 27-year-old just beat out Ricky Stanzi for the backup quarterback spot for the Chiefs, but even if he doesn't play, he'll look mighty fine on the bench to us. With that amazing hair and adorable smile, he's definitely got game. During his days at Notre Dame as one of the fighting Irish, the hottie broke more than 35 school records. His attraction to all things athletic doesn't stop there; he's been dating girlfriend, elite gymnast Alicia Sacramone, since 2009.

Keith Rivers

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Linebacker, New York Giants

This 26-year-old linebacker is 6’2” and 242 pounds of pure deliciousness. Not gonna lie, we can’t get enough of that smile. Or those muscles. The talented Giant has worn No. 55 since his days at USC, where the late Junior Seau made the number legendary. It’s not easy to resist a gorgeous guy with a huge heart.

Wes Welker

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Wide Receiver, New England Patriots

Tough as nails. Lightning quick. Explosive receiver. Since joining the Patriots in 2007, Welker has caught more passes than any player in the league, and he ranks in the top five in yardage to boot. The wide receiver also reached 500 receptions with the Patriots in just 70 games, an NFL record. Did we mention he’s a total hunk too?

Clay Matthews

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Linebacker, Green Bay Packers

If you happen to love sexy dudes with long blonde hair, you’re in luck; Clay Matthews is one of those studs. With big, bulging biceps and beautiful piercing eyes, he happens to be a dead ringer for comic book superhero Thor. Cheesehead or not, he’ll always be a warrior to us.

Matt Leinart

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Quarterback, Oakland Raiders

He was a hottie in college and he’s still a hottie now. With all that swagger, strength, and sex appeal, it’s easy to have a whole lotta love for this QB. While at USC, he led the Trojans to the BCS national championship, and he’s now signed with the Raiders to back-up his former college teammate, Carson Palmer.

Leinart isn’t such a rookie when it comes to dating celebs; in the past he’s had a string of famous females on his arm including Kristin Cavallari, Paris Hilton, and even Ali Fedotowsky. Recently, rumors have been swirling that the athlete was ‘sexting’ with another beautiful bachelorette, Emily Maynard Well, one thing’s for sure…he definitely has a thing for blondes.

Adrian Peterson

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Running Back, Minnesota Vikings

This Minnesota Viking is one of the most talented players in football. Not only does the hunky athlete hold the fourth-highest rank for average rushing yards per game in NFL history, he’s also the highest paid running back ever. With a rock-hard body and an even bigger heart, the 6’1” dynamo started a foundation for kids and is extremely active in charity work. But ladies, it gets even hotter. When asked by Cosmopolitan what’s better, a touchdown or sex, he chose sex, hands down. Plus, his nickname just so happens to be, ahem… ‘All Day.’ We’ll let you decipher that as you wish.

Eric Decker

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Wide Receiver, Denver Broncos

When it comes to hot football players, Eric Decker is a total touchdown. He is so good looking that we admit, it’s kinda tough to see all that gorgeousness covered up in a helmet and shoulder pads. The sports stud has modeled Tommy Hilfiger for GQ and was also a Major League Baseball player. But unfortunately for us, he’s off the market; the 25-year-old NFLer is engaged to country songstress Jessie James.

Tom Brady

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Quarterback, New England Patriots

As the true “Golden Boy” of the NFL, the oh-so-amazing Tom Brady has three Super Bowl titles, is a two-time NFL and Super Bowl MVP Award winner, holds numerous records, has a supermodel wife, and is basically a magnet for any magazine cover. With endorsement deals including Stetson, Movado Watches, UGG boots, and Glaceau Smart Water, his face (and that unbelievable body) just scream luxury designer goods. Arguably the best quarterback in the NFL, we’d say he’s also the sexiest.


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