Stars that plié, Zumba, and plain old dance their way to fitness.

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When the thought of spending 30 minutes on a treadmill is about as appealing as a root canal, it's time to shake up that boring workout routine. And the perfect way to shake it up is to do just that-shake it (it being your booty, your moneymaker, what your mama gave you, or whatever you prefer to call it)!

Celebrities get sick of the same old sweat routine just like the rest of us. Here, we show you 20 stars that plié, Zumba, and plain old dance their way to fitness.

Jennifer Lopez


The singer-turned-actress-turned- American Idol judge got her start as a "fly girl" on Fox's hit show In Living Color in the early 90's. So, it's no surprise Jennifer Lopez turns to her dancer roots to stay in shape today. After having twins in 2008, she's reportedly been telling people she's now in the "best shape of her life."

LeAnn Rimes


This country girl has been blasted for her svelte physique with critics saying she's "too thin." But the instructor of LeAnn Rimes' regular Cardio Dance Fusion Class at an LA-area Equinox says the singer swapped weights for her dancing shoes and never looked back. "LeAnn says that dance makes her feel empowered, sexier, and more confident and loves how she doesn't stare at the clock wondering when class will be over!" says instructor Ilyse Baker.

The feeling is mutual. The singer even recently gushed about Baker on her blog, crediting her for giving her the "passion and freedom to dance again." She added, "She has made me feel powerful as a woman, makes me remember to always have fun, forget the perfection, and own what you're doing."

Ricki Lake


Ricki Lake

set tongues wagging when she premiered a slimmer silhouette at the start of this season's Dancing With the Stars. The former talk show host credits celeb-fave The Bar Method for helping her get in shape for the show. She even reportedly spent a week of intensive Bar Method training at an exclusive spa in Mexico, and she later called the workout an "ass kicker" on Twitter.

Kirstie Alley


A recent stint on Dancing With the Stars helped Kirstie Alley shed a reported 100 pounds. While it's unlikely she's still dancing four hours a day, she's managed to keep up her workout regimen-and keep off the weight.

Kelly Osbourne


Another DWTS alum, Kelly Osbourne has lost nearly 50 pounds since competing on the show in 2009. She recently credited the ballet-inspired The Bar Method for helping her to "get muscles" in "places [she] never knew [she] could get them."

Minnie Driver


Goodwill Hunting

actress Minnie Driver has been taking the mix of Zumba, belly dancing, plyometrics, and strength training known as JÄM (short for Juicy Athletic Moves) 2-3 times a week for the last two years, says the workout's creator Neda Soderqvist. "She has a gorgeous, long, lean body and JÄM has further strengthened her core while developing and shaping her silhouette," Soderqvist says.

Besides gaining "endurance, strength, and flexibility," she also adds, "Minnie can really bust a move!" Driver even professed her love for JÄM on Live with Regis and Kelly, saying "It's kind of like South African hip-hop… you're keeping up, and it's GOOD!"



Another JÄM devotee, Pink, hip-hopped her way to a killer post-baby body. "Since [returning to working out], she's been such a pleasure to watch and work with," Soderqvist says. "Her number one goal has been staying healthy and strong as a woman and mother." Not to mention those impressive acrobatics she does in her shows!

Brooke Burke


She not only Danced With the Stars and won, she later became the show's host. Now, Brooke Burke's enjoying weekly JÄM sessions alongside stars such as Minnie Driver, Mira Sorvino, and Pink.

"Brooke's in incredible shape already, but recently joined the classes and quickly discovered that JÄM is no joke!!" says the workout's creator, Neda Soderqvist. "She's now burning through the classes, following all the moves, and inspiring the rest of us. She of all people knows and appreciates how many calories dancing can burn."

Erin Andrews


Working with LA-based trainer Mario Serban (who specializes in helping dancers protect themselves from injuries during competitions) helped this sportscaster dance her way into the finals. An injury prompted Erin Andrews to enlist Serban's help while she was competing on Season 10 of Dancing With the Stars. "I injured my back during the fourth week of the show. Under Mario's care, not only was I able to dance that week, but I stayed in the competition until the very end. I know my body wouldn't have made it through three months of extensive dance training without Mario," Andrews said.

Carmen Electra


Whether you agree with it or not, pole-dancing is a form of dance and Carmen Electra credits it for her drool-worthy figure. The star, who got her start as a dancer in an amusement park show in the early 90's, eventually created her own line of Aerobic Striptease fitness DVD's, with the help of celebrity trainer Jennifer Galardi.

Julianne Hough


This Dancing With the Stars pro turned Footloose actress stays in shape by doing what else, dancing! "Julianne has built her career on her dance talents," says Galardi, who has worked with the star on her fitness DVD series Dance with Julianne. "So we worked together to come up with programming that complemented her natural abilities in order to strengthen and tone the body and get it ready to dance or shoot all day."

Vanessa Simmons


One-half of the designing duo for the line Pastry, the star of MTV's Run's House and Daddy's Girls is a devotee to a fun workout that's a fusion of yoga, booty sculpting, and cardio dance called Yoga Booty Ballet. "It's a good way to unwind, shape-up, and dance to your favorite music," Vanessa Simmons says. "It is so much fun; you forget you are working out!"

Kelly Ripa


As a self-proclaimed "chubby teenager" who appeared on the show Dance Party USA, Kelly Ripa has come a long way since those days. While she reportedly does a mixture of intensive workouts like cycling, push-ups, and the popular Physique 57, she once showed SHAPE one of her favorite toning moves known as the Thigh Dancing Home Workout.

Drew Barrymore


Add Drew Barrymore to the long list of celebs that plié their way to fitness with the ballet-inspired The Bar Method. In 2008 she told People Magazine "it just knocks your butt off." Combine that with runs, Pilate's sessions, and eating right and it shows on the actresses' über fit physique.

Eliza Dushku


Another The Bar Method fan, Eliza Dushku touted it as her "absolute workout of choice" earlier this year on Twitter. "It makes my bod so tight and yet fluid, flexible, and graceful," the actress tweeted.

Lisa Rinna


After making an impressive showing on Dancing With the Stars in 2006, Lisa Rinna starred in a 2008 dance-inspired workout DVD called "Dance Body Beautiful." She later took to Twitter saying she hoped The Bar Method would "bring her [derriere] closer to her ears." While we can't confirm that's actually happened, the former Melrose Place star did show off her moves in Broadway's Chicago.

Marie Osmond


Another Dancing With the Stars weight-loss success story, Marie Osmond lost more than 30-pounds during her stint on the show, telling a tabloid it should be called ‘Dancing with the Starved!' She also credited dancing with helping her to add muscle mass and trim inches off her hips and waist.

Vanessa Williams


The multi-talented Vanessa Williams makes staying in shape look effortless, once telling SHAPE that using an at-home meal delivery service helped keep her calories in check. But maintaining her fit figure takes more than just dieting, so when she's not sweating it out with her personal trainer, Williams has said she turns to the Latin-inspired workout known as Zumba.

Eva Longoria


The Desperate Housewives actress has been known to shake up her fitness routine with a Zumba class or two. Even her character Gabby is a fictional fan, once referencing it on the show.

Janet Jackson


Any fan of Janet Jackson loves her for her dance moves as much as her singing. But as her weight has yo-yo'ed over the years (once reportedly dropping 60-pounds in just four months); she always manages to show up on stage busting a move, looking fitter than ever.

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