Why for these seven stars, showing skin is in

By Jené Luciani
June 26, 2012

In Hollywood, nothing should surprise us. Nudity clauses are written into movie contracts (and then sometimes comes the request for a body double) and some stars even shed their clothes to sell magazines (most recently, Jessica Simpson while preggers). But for some celebrities, nudity is all about bringing in that paycheck, and showing a little skin is money in the bank.

"Part of the appeal of nudity is the fact that it's still a salient taboo in our society," says historian and author Mike Foster. So for a celebrity, "going nude can be among the most cost-effective rebranding that comes to mind."

Here's our roundup of seven celebs that make serious bank-in the buff!

Lindsay Lohan

A string of arrests and slaps on the wrist for bad behavior turned Lindsay Lohan from one of Hollywood's hottest young actresses into an outcast. With high legal bills and the pressure of maintaining her A-list lifestyle, Lohan turned to the pages of Playboy and a Marilyn Monroe-inspired spread-which reportedly earned her a cool $1 million.

Hugh Hefner

The founder and chief creative officer of Playboy Enterprises was worth $43 million in 2009, according to divorce papers filed that year. While Hugh Hefner himself isn't the one who's baring all (red robe, aside), his stable of models is repeatedly willing to do so to help him grow his millions.

Janet Jackson

Now synonymous with terms like "wardrobe malfunction" and "nipplegate," Janet Jackson's flashed breast at the 2004 Superbowl earned her an incalculable amount of free press.

Pamela Anderson

From her red swimsuit-wearing days on Baywatch to becoming the poster girl for PETA (and some would say, breast implants) no one uses their body parts better to make a buck than Pam Anderson.

Nadya Suleman (AKA Octomom)

What do you do after you've given birth to 14 kids and your 15 minutes of fame is up? Pose nude for a magazine. Nadya Suleman did a spread for a European magazine, all reportedly so she could pay her rent.

Rooney Mara

Numerous nude scenes in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo helped take Rooney Mara from obscure actress to Hollywood ‘it girl.' Not to mention, the hit flick earned her a Golden Globe nomination (and one could assume, a steep hike in her asking price). "Nudity is such a huge part of the character in the book, I never thought twice about it," Mara told CinemaBlend.com at the time.

Halle Berry

It's hard to imagine that one of Hollywood's hottest actresses ever had to agree to a nude scene. But Halle Berry reportedly OK'd a topless scene in the movie Swordfish to ‘get over her fear of being nude on camera,' while other reports said she earned hundreds of thousands of dollars on top of her fee-just to do that scene.


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