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8 Women Who Can Take On Any Guy

Who Are They?

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The Ultimate Fighter is no longer a man’s world. For the first time, FOX Sports 1 will introduce an all-female cast for the show’s 20th season, along with a new 115-pound weight class tonight at 10 p.m. EST. Looking for some inspiration? These women are trained in boxing, jiujitsu, sambo, wrestling, muay thai, karate, and judo. Oh, and many of them have children and other jobs. We caught up with the eight ladies of UFC just in time for tonight’s premiere to learn their secrets for staying strong and sexy.

Work Your Body and Mind

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“Fighting challenges me mentally, physically, and spiritually—more than anything I’ve ever done in my life. It’s taken me places that I’d never thought I could get to.” –Heather Clark

Be Who You Are

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“Don’t be afraid to be who you are, even if who you are is a little bit different.” –Joanne Calderwood

Make Sacrifices

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“If you want to do something you have to make sacrifices. I work a full-time job and do this full-time. I train in the morning, and I train after work. You have to make those sacrifices and risk everything.” –Randa Markos

Take Risks

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“So many people get used to their surroundings and what they’re comfortable with. You can’t be scared to get out of your comfort zone.” –Lisa Ellis

Do What Works for You

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“Everybody’s 'healthy' is different. Some people have a raw approach, some are vegetarians, and some people have more of a body-builder approach. I portion everything out and keep it clean. I’ve tried so many different things and finally found what works for me.” –Felice Herrig

Anyone Can Start

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“I got started fighting because I’d graduated college and gotten married. My husband and I were sitting around eating pizza and getting fat, so we started out together.” –Angela Hill

Command Respect

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“Not only was this a male-dominated sport, but it wasn’t really a sport in Ireland. I was a pioneer for not only women’s mixed martial arts but for the country in general. Once you train hard, the guys have no choice but to respect you.” –Aisling Daly

Enjoy Yourself

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“This is a childhood dream come true. The fun part is the fight—everything before that is the hard part.” –Tecia Torres


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