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Amanda Bisk's Instagram Photos Are All the #Fitspo You Need Today

Feel the Burn

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@amandabisk has our abs quivering just from looking at this pic. We can only hope to look as flawless as she does when we try this exercise.

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Photo: Instagram

Stretch It Out

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This stretch is serious #goals. We might be a little intimidated, but bring it on.

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Photo: Instagram

Pick Up Those Feet

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This picture makes us wish we paid better attention in middle school track. That form is flawless. @amandabisk, how do you do it?

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Photo: Instagram

Reach New Heights

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A sunny day, a beautiful beach, and some intense stretchingโ€”it doesn't get much better than that.

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Photo: Instagram

Work Out Anywhere

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@amandabisk teaches us how to work from home with a simple yet intense cardio routine. This circuit is sure to have you sweating with every step.

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Photo: Instagram


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