Ups and downs on the scale happen to everyone—even the trainers who inspire you to get fit.

By Julia Malacoff
Updated: July 13, 2017

If you're familiar with trainer and Instagram force of nature, Anna Victoria, you know that she keeps her posts real (check out her post about those "flawless" fitness photos you see all over social media). She frequently posts glimpses into her own personal fitness progress, recently even sharing her five-year transformation picture on Instagram. With a constant emphasis on how working out and eating clean (most of the time!) can not only transform your body but-more importantly-your mind, Victoria has become a role model for women of all ages who are trying to make wellness a bigger part of their lives.

Now, she's back with a transformation photo that's totally different from the kind we usually see on the Internet-in the best way possible. (P.S. Remember that time she got real about stomach rolls? That was pretty cool too.)

In the post, she shared a progress photo from November 2015 next to a photo from July 2017, noting that she was actually more "lean" in the earlier photo than she is now. So why is she sharing this kind of progress with her followers? "I want to start by saying this is not intended to be a before/after transformation. This is simply two points in my journey and not one or the other is my 'goal.' NO journey is linear. We have ups and downs and can get thrown off track for weeks even," she explains in her caption.

She goes on to say that she hasn't been doing as much cardio as she used to lately, instead preferring to focus on heavy lifting and strength and muscle gains. As a result, her body fat has gone up slightly. "Is it hard sharing this and pointing out I'm not as lean as I usually am? Yes. But this photo, July 2017, is not my ending point. My journey is still going and no two pictures side by side will ever keep me from pushing forward. Instead of inspiring you with a 'perfect' journey, I hope to inspire you with how I deal with a not-so-perfect journey. And plus, who can be mad at those booty gains?!" True that. If you were looking for an example of a healthy, positive way to view your own fitness progress-here you have it.

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