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Baywatch Redux: Who We Would Cast Today

The Role: C.J. Parker

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Then: Pamela Anderson

Blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson was offered the role of sexy lifeguard C.J. Parker in 1992 and the rest is history. Anderson, who was just 25 at the time, was immediately attracted to the opportunity due to the "new age thinking" she shared with her character. "Baywatch was a great show. It was completely mindless. You could turn it on in any language and still be entertained. You could turn it on halfway through an episode and still enjoy it," she told Esquire.

Now: Kate Upton

Show-stopping curves, bleach-blonde hair, amazing bikini body, and major charisma to boot? Kate Upton would be small screen magic cast as C.J. Parker today!

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The Role: Mitch Buchannon

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Then: David Hasselhoff

Interestingly enough, Baywatch was canceled after its first season on NBC in 1989 due to low ratings. But after executive producer David Hasselhoff fought to bring it back, the series went on to become one of the most successful shows in the world. "I believe the camera photographs your aura, and it also photographs your heart. And I cast Baywatch that way," said the Hoffster himself.

Now: Will Ferrell

There would be nothing more comedically brilliant than seeing Will Ferrell as "The Hoff"—he certainly has the style, swagger, and hairy chest too!

The Role: Caroline Holden

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Then: Yasmine Bleeth

Wholesome-yet-sexy Yasmine Bleeth was cast as luscious lifeguard Caroline Holden in 1994 and within a year, she was already named one of People's Most Beautiful. No doubt, the role brought her widespread attention and officially transformed her into Hollywood sex symbol status.

Now: Mila Kunis

FHM named her the "sexiest woman in the world" for a reason: Mila Kunis is smokin' hot! With similar striking features and a body to die-for, the brunette bombshell brings Caroline Holden to a whole other level!

The Role: Hobie Buchannon

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Then: Jeremy Jackson

The Californian native shot to fame in the iconic beach series when he was just 11, turning him into the ultimate teen idol. Jeremy Jackson spent nine years playing Hobie (growing up before our very eyes!) before eventually parting ways with the show that made him a star.

Now: Justin Bieber

While we're not so sure about his acting chops, Justin Beiber definitely has the perfect female following for the young scene-stealing role. The best part? Jeremy himself already gave Justin the seal of approval! He told TMZ that if a big screen remake of Baywatch should ever be green lit, the singer is the best man (er, boy) for the job. Reportedly, he'd even be willing to train the 19-year-old in the art of lifeguarding for free. The only thing he'd like in return? A chance to drive Bieber's "Batmobile" on weekends.

The Role: Lt. Stephanie Holden

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Then: Alexandra Paul

Even though the athletic actress has starred in more than 70 movies and television programs, Alexandra Paul is best known for her role as Lt. Stephanie Holden—and it's easy to see why! No question, Paul was the fittest female on the infamous show, but it comes as no surprise; she competed at the 1997 Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii, as well as countless other competitive endurance events during her on-camera career.

Now: Anne Hathaway

With gorgeous girl-next-door looks and short, sassy hair to match, Anne Hathaway could be the perfect replacement for Alexandra Paul—especially if Baywatch ever turned into a musical!

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The Role: Jordan Tate

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Then: Traci Bingham

Traci Bingham sizzled so much on Baywatch that several nude appearances in Playboy followed suit. She even posed for a special "Babes of Baywatch" issue in 1998 alongside cast members. Her exotic, unique look combined with that oh-so-fab figure made her irresistible to men (on screen and off). Talk about a total beach babe.

Now: Beyoncé

We must admit, we're obsessed with Beyoncé (but who isn't?). There just might not be anything better than seeing her rock that bootylicious body both on stage—and on sand!

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The Role: Matt Brody

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Then: David Charvet

Baywatch was this fine French actor's big break in 1992, and female fans all over the world couldn't have been more excited. Flaunting some major muscles and heart-breakingly good looks, the sexy star steamed up the screen until 1995. Despite interviews with the press in which Charvet revealed he didn't just want to be known for his red shorts, we won't be able to forget to them!

Now: Taylor Lautner

Judging by the amount of time Taylor Lautner spends shirtless in the Twilight series, he'd be perfectly comfortable donning nothing but those sassy shorts. Plus, he pretty much has the most amazing abs in Hollywood.

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The Role: Neely Capshaw

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Then: Geena Lee Nolin.

Prior to her star-producing turn in Baywatch when she was just 23, Geena Lee Nolin graced the small screen as one of Bob Barker's beauties on the iconic game show The Price is Right. Soon after came sexy spreads in Maxim, Stuff, Playboy, and FHM, but she'll always be the hot, happy, and healthy Neely Capshaw to us!

Now: Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker epitomizes exactly what it means to be sexy and sweet at the same time. With perfectly sculpted looks, beautiful blonde hair, and bright blue eyes, we can't think of anyone better to play Neely Capshaw 2.0.

The Role: Garner Ellerbee

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Then: Gregory Alan Williams

Gregory Alan Williams served in the United States Marine Corps before pursing acting, but we can't say we're disappointed he decided to take up an on-camera career—he has so much charm and charisma! Williams had a great run on the series that made pop culture history, playing Garner Ellerbee for almost a decade.

Now: Larenz Tate

There's something about a man who doesn't realize how good-looking he is, and Larenz Tate is one of those guys. Case in point: "It's interesting, because I've never seen myself as a sex symbol. It's actually kind of cool that women have taken to me. Because now I have a whole different demographic when it comes to the audiences," he's said. Even though he's a little younger and a lot more buff than the original Ellerbee, we'd say he'd still make a great match.

The Role: Cody Madison

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Then: David Chokachi

David Chokachi beat out hundreds of Cody wannabees to play the infamous role on the worldwide television phenomenon from 1995 to 1999. While his hunky Hollywood looks had to be intimidating, he was actually the one to be awe-struck! "In the beginning it was intimidating, but after about two weeks, you realize everybody's human, and everybody puts their pants on the same way," Chokachi's said of his Baywatch co-stars.

Now: Paul Walker

David Chokachi is definitely hot… but Paul Walker? Even hotter! Both sport insanely awesome abs, super-strong biceps, and a smile that would make any girl melt. Swoon!


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