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Behind the Scenes with Malin Akerman

Like Mother, Like Daughter

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With a model mom, Malin Akerman has genetics on her side, but that doesn’t mean she discounts a healthy diet and regular exercise. Tom Cruise's sexy new co-star tells SHAPE that maintaining those “problem areas” is just as hard for her as it is for everyone else. "There isn't a woman alive who doesn't have problems with her body." Akerman says, "including me!"

The Skinny Kid in Class

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"I was the kid growing up who, parents would bring me over to my friends’ places and feed me because they thought my parents didn’t feed me," Akerman says. "But I ate so much! I was that skinny kid with bony knees and I was just growing so quickly."

Bikini-Body Bootcamp

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"I made sure that my diet throughout the two weeks prior [to the SHAPE covershoot] was very much lean meats, like a lot of fish, a lot of vegetables," she says.

But Akerman didn't sacrifice flavor to get her body in shape. One of her go-to healthy meals: "I’ll make quinoa with zucchini and broccoli over the top of arugula salad with lentils in it," she says, adding, "and a little bit of goat cheese!"

Keep it Fresh

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The Scandinavian-born beauty grew up eating lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, and other "perishable foods." She says she tries to stay away from preservatives that "are going to last much longer in your body."

Cheat Treat

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"You’ve got to be happy with what you’re eating and you’ve got to enjoy it and figure out fun ways to make healthy food taste good," she says. "But you have to splurge. I do dark chocolate."

Find Your Gym Alternative

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When it comes to working out, Akerman says she’s not a big fan of the gym and would rather be in a dance class "or doing something fun that distracts me from the fact that I’m working out."

Find out the workout that had her jumping out of bed each morning on page 40 of the June issue of SHAPE!

Honest Body Confession

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If our June cover model could change one thing about her body, she says she’d like to add some weight in her leg muscles. "I’d like some packed muscles. I’ve had trouble gaining the muscle mass that I’ve always wanted."

The blond bombshell also tells SHAPE that her belly has always been a "trouble area," thanks in part to indulging in fried foods and, of course, tacos.

To find out more of Malin Akerman's rockin'-body secrets, the scoop on her favorite on-screen smooch, and when she feels sexiest, pick up a copy of the June issue of SHAPE, on newsstands now!


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