The star just raised the bar on the makeup-free selfie.

By By Renee Cherry
Updated: June 05, 2017

When you wake up with a few pimples, the last thing you probably feel like doing is sharing a photo of your bare face on the Internet. But that's exactly what Bella Thorne did, posting a photo to Instagram with a caption saying that her acne was "on fleek." It's not the first time she's kept it real on Instagram; she's also posted a selfie post-chemical peel and some funny candid shots in the past.

There's always something refreshing about seeing a celebrity owning her imperfections and choosing to show them off. Before social media, there were two types of celebrity photos: perfectly posed pics or paparazzi shots where they try to hide their faces in sunglasses and baseball caps. But now, celebrities proudly post pics of their makeup-free mugs on their social media accounts (just look at our favorite makeup-free selfies). And while some of their pictures are so perfect it's hard to believe they're makeup-free (looking at you, Kim K!), other photos like Bella's show that celebs have skin problems just like the rest of us.

The result? "Flaws" are trendy. Yes, flawless foundation and contouring are becoming more and more extreme, but on the opposite end of the spectrum, people are accentuating their imperfections. There are tutorials to help you make your eyes look puffier, pimples made an appearance on the Milan runway, and constellation acne became a thing.

Even if you don't plan on highlighting your zits, it's nice to see celebs like Bella embrace things that happen to literally everyone-no filter, no shame.



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