Beyoncé and Jay Z Renew Their Vows, Kerry Washington Talks Inner Beauty, and Jessica Alba on Eating Junk Food

Beyoncé and Jay Z bring back power couple status and put those divorce rumors behind them.

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From rekindling relationships, to maintaining balanced workout and diet plans, find out how Hollywood's leading ladies are taking care of themselves, inside and out. Think we missed something? Tweet us @Shape_Magazine, tag us on @Instagram, or comment below.

1. Marital bliss. After months of relationship scrutiny following the infamous elevator video, power couple Beyoncéand Jay Z seem to be doing better than ever. According to People, the couple has renewed their wedding vows and are now shopping for a home in Paris, the city where the two got engaged and conceived Blue Ivy.

2. Gladiator glamour. A fresh-faced Kerry Washington graced the cover of Allure this month, explaining that beauty isn't only skin deep. "My mother is a huge beauty inspiration for me, partly because she's always emphasized the idea of inner beauty being equally, if not more, important than outer beauty," she told the magazine. As for her workout routine, the Scandal star sculpts a long, lean physique with Pilates trainer Nonna Gleyzer three to four times a week for 60 minutes per session. "Kerry has been my client for six years," Gleyzer previously dished to us. "She is just so dedicated, devoted, hard working, and focused on her workouts."

3. Sleepless shape-up. Showing off a rock on hand gesture, seriously toned six-pack, and a high-kicking workout buddy, Ellie Goulding looked to be the picture of health in a recent gym selfie. "5 am can't f*cking sleep gang," the singer captioned the Instagram post, looking ready as ever to sweat it out. Goulding is an avid fitness junkie. She regularly clocks in six-mile runs while on tour and has even impressively completed four half-marathons. "For me, exercise is a crucial part of being alive. It's like breathing," she's previously said. See the top 10 reasons Ellie Goulding is our fitspiration!

4. Sink or swim. Nicole Richie takes her turn at synchronized swimming and we have to say, she's not so bad! "I'm basically the Michael Phelps of synchronized swimming," joked the star after taking a dip in the pool for Candidly Nicole. Donning a swim cap and nose plug, Richie suited up to learn swim basics from the professionals, making for one hilariously, entertaining workout video. Want to submerge your workout underwater as well? Try these exercises to burn calories in the pool (no laps required!) and get inspiration by watching Richie's swim lesson here.

5. Up and at ‘em. If the early bird gets the worm then Jessica Alba will certainly be in killer shape. "Kickin A$$ this AM," said the actress of her morning workout. Adding, "#nopainnogain." Alba recently opened up to People about her outlook on health, saying: "As I've gotten older and after I became a mom, it became more of a priority to be healthy for the right reasons. It's more important to have a balanced approach instead of trying to be perfect." That means morning workouts and trying to eat non-processed foods. And if she slips? "I don't deprive myself," she explains. "I have [junk] if I want it. When I do feel that I am depriving myself, I find that I binge. That's not a balanced way to go about it." Steal her super sexy workout moves straight from her personal trainer!

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