Beyonce Confirms Kale Is Here to Stay

The leafy green kale has a starring role in the singer's newly released video for "7/11."


Queen Bey has decided it: Kale won't be relinquishing its "superfood" title any time soon. In a new music video for her single, "7/11," released on Friday, Beyonce dons underwear, Nike sweatbands, and a sweatshirt emblazoned with the word "KALE" in the opening scene. Digging her look? You can buy the sweatshirt for just $48 here (it's remarkably not sold out yet!).

Clearly, any claims that kale's reign is coming to an end haven't affected the 33-year-old superstar's affection for the leafy greens. Even though one study showed that kale may not be the nutritional king when compared to other cruciferous veggies, we, like B, won't take kale off our menus anytime soon.

The video, which looks like it could have been shot on an iPhone (with excellent editing), features Beyonce and friends busting moves on what appears to be a hotel balcony, twerking in a fancy bathroom, and getting down in the hotel room. And don't miss the surprise cameo from Blue Ivy at 0:58!

All in all, the video proves once again that Beyonce is still the queen of hip hop, and that she-and kale-are here to stay. The only thing that would make it better? If she whipped up a delicious kale dish in between twerking. (Craving it now? Try one of these 10 new ways to eat kale!)

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