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Botox: Hollywood’s Most Frozen Faces

Botox: When Stars Go Overboard

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It’s hard to believe the age-reversing substance known as Botox has been erasing wrinkles and fine lines for more than a decade. But, like most things in life, there can be too much of a good thing. Many in Hollywood overuse the substance, making their faces appear unnaturally smooth, taught, and for lack of a better word, frozen.

In “honor” of the injectable’s 10th birthday, we spoke with celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn for a look back at what he considers Hollywood’s 10 most frozen faces.

Kim Kardashian

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The reality starlet is only 31 but she is already a fan of Botox, “as you can tell by her taught forehead,” Dr. Youn says. “Some stars start treatment early, hoping to prevent wrinkles, but risk robbing their face of natural emotions in the process!”

Kardashian even got the injections in front of cameras on her hit TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Courteney Cox

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Cougartown’s Courteney Cox may be playing an aging divorcée on TV, but her face tells a different story. The star, who said in an interview she thinks Botox is “fantastic and also horrible,” has admitted to using it. “Her face is virtually wrinkle-free,” Dr. Youn says. 

Jenny McCarthy

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While bombshell Jenny McCarthy credits Botox with helping her to maintain her youthful look, the blonde beauty has been known to overdo it in the past, Youn says. The 39-year old actress even told one magazine she uses it every two months. Most doctors recommend treatments every three to six months.

Marie Osmond

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After Marie Osmond debuted on Dancing With the Stars, people were buzzing about more than her dancing skills.

“She emerged with a super-tight look [to her face], adding fuel to the plastic surgery rumors,” Youn says. “For a short period, Osmond appeared to exhibit the classic evil-looking ‘Botox brow.’” Luckily for her, it has settled down since then.

Joan Rivers

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The self-proclaimed poster girl for plastic surgery, Joan Rivers recently admitted to a whopping 734 cosmetic procedures. “We can assume this includes lots and lots of Botox,” Youn says. A woman her age should have many, many more wrinkles than she has.”

The obvious question: How old is she? The so-called Queen of Barbed One-Liners will celebrate her 79th birthday on June 8, 2012.

Demi Moore

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Demi Moore seems to defy all laws of nature by aging so seamlessly. But while the 49-year old star wants people to believe it’s all thanks to natural remedies and good genes, Dr. Youn says otherwise.

“If you ask me, she should also give credit to Botox for smoothing her forehead lines, crow’s feet, and giving her brows their perfect shape.”

Lara Flynn Boyle

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What is going on with Lara Flynn Boyle? Dr. Youn asks. “One of her biggest problems is she has been over-Botoxed in a major way, causing her forehead to look completely frozen!” he says.

Barbra Streisand

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It appears like Barbra Streisand has been using Botox injections to smooth the wrinkles from her forehead, but unfortunately it leaves her face looking a bit stiff!” Dr. Youn says. For Babs, less is definitely more.

Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise turns 50 this July 3, but the actor could pass for the same age as his younger wife Katie Holmes. How does he do it?

“A good plastic surgeon and plenty of Botox keeps his forehead frozen in time! Is looking like you're 30 at the age of 50 a Mission Impossible?  Not for Tom Cruise!” Dr. Youn says.

Nicole Kidman

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When Botox use first became prevalent in Hollywood, the motto of many stars was deny, deny deny. And Nicole Kidman did just that.

“It took the actress years to admit using (and overusing) Botox, even though she had a pretty obvious ‘Botox brow’ for years,” Dr. Youn says.

Last year, Kidman told People magazine she had stopped using it and was thankful she could finally ‘move her forehead’ again.


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