The stars shared their best me-time advice.

By Renee Cherry
July 25, 2018

Here at Shape, we'd love for every day to be #InternationalSelfCareDay, but we can definitely get behind a day dedicated to spreading the importance of self-love. Yesterday was that glorious occasion, but if you missed your chance, no need to wait another year. Unlike, say, International Beer Day, it makes no difference if the rest of the world is joining you when you go all out. Plan your own day (or entire week) of pampering with the help of these suggestions from celebs who know how to do self-care right.

Show Your Body Love

Tracee Ellis Ross posted a video of herself dripping in sweat while doing mountain climber variations and it's almost like you can see her endorphins flowing. Ross posts a lot of Instagrams from her workouts, so it's not surprising that she stays active for more than just the physical benefits. "I've always worked out and been active, and it's one of the ways I care for myself: along with meditation, baths, eating beautiful things that make me happy, being silent, and being with friends and family," she wrote.

Another crucial facet of self-care is simply accepting your body as it is right now. Shonda Rhimes posted a quote that's a reminder that any "flaws" you find with your body are based on society's standards. Loving your body wholeheartedly isn't easy, but there are tricks you can use to reframe your thinking. Try Iskra Lawrence's mirror challenge or Tess Holliday's trick for boosting body confidence.

Give Yourself Permission to Do Nothing

If you're an introvert, Leah Remini's tip for International Self-Care Day will speak to your soul. While social media can make us feel pressured to have every minute of every day be scheduled or productive, sometimes staying home and doing absolutely nothing can feel amazing. "It's okay to do nothing if you can once in a while," she wrote. "It's okay to not be perfect, to not get it all done... take care of yourself. Do what recharges you." (Related: This Guided Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique Will Help You De-Stress)

When it comes to self-care, Victoria Justice says she emphasizes sleep and practicing meditation with an app. She's smart on both counts. Clocking enough sleep can keep your stress levels down and when paired with exercise, meditation may combat depression. (For a major reset, plan an entire sleep-centric vacation.)

Treat Yo Self

Viola Davis posted a popular meme with 30 ideas of how to practice self-care. The list is varied, showing that you can do something grand for yourself (e.g., a massage), but even small acts like making a cup of tea, journaling, or getting fresh air can all feel refreshing.

Jonathan Van Ness is also on board with this message. The Queer Eye groomer suggested slipping an extra treat into your day. "Maybe go outside for a few and feel the sunshine, or do a gorgeous mask, maybe treat yourself to the shoe you've been wanting," he wrote. It's an important reminder that self-care doesn't *have* to be expensive. (We suggest this DIY green tea sheet mask for an affordable self-care beauty day.)

Now you've got tons of options, so go forth and take care. And if your schedule is holding you back, here's how to make time for self-care when you have none.