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12 Times We Wished We Were Eating with Chrissy Teigen

When She Gave Us Snack Envy

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Parmesan panko zucchini fries with spicy mayo and a cute pup?! Yes, please. Good thing the recipe for these crispy veggie sticks are in her cookbook Cravings. (We're big fans of spicy avocado fries, too.)

When She Made This Healthy and Colorful "Pasta"

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"Spicy zucchini noodle pasta with parm and basil! because we can't be bad alllllll the time but we can sneak in DAT CHEESE," Teigen captioned this photo. We couldn't agree more–the #ShapeSquad is all about balance. (We've already snagged the recipe for this one from her blog Delushious.)

When She Made Homemade Cinnamon Rolls While Looking Fab

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We're obsessed with everything about this cinnamon roll situation—baking has never looked so glamorous. We're officially inspired to ditch the pop and bake ready-made varieties.

When She Made This Tortilla Stew

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The mom-to-be whipped up this tortilla stew deliciousness, and suddenly we're starving for a bowl of comfort food. We'll be trying this flavorful recipe, stat.

When She Shared Greek Night with John Legend

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No explanation needed here. I mean who doesn't dream of having a hubby who can sing AND cook??

Fried Chicken with the Pups

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We wish we looked this good while eating fried chicken. Add two cuddly pups, a blanket, and it's the perfect night in.

When She Made Papaya Salad with Her Mom

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Ok confession, we actually DID get to eat this papaya salad with Teigen and her mom–at a tasting for her new cookbook Cravings, and no surprise here—it's delish. Find the full papaya salad recipe on

When She Made Banana Bread Mid-Wig

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Just some casual banana bread baking while getting glam. You can't accuse Teigen of not knowing how to multi-task. (Ready to bake? Get the recipe for our No-Sugar-Added Banana Bread.)

When She Blew Our Mind with This Grilled Cheese

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We've never experienced lunch envy like we did when we first saw this grilled cheese with brie, peaches, and sweet chili. (Here, 25 healthy recipes that prove grilled cheese is anything but basic.)

When She Made These Mouthwatering Burgers

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The taller the burger the better, right? The fresh bun, the toppings—we want it all. You'll want to try this insane burger from her cookbook right now.

When She Satisifed Our Sweet Tooth

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We had never even heard of sweet potato streusel pies until Teigen opened our eyes with this recipe from her blog. We're not waiting until the holidays to enjoy a slice of this pie.

When She Made Chicken Wings Hilarious

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This photo shoot pretty much sums up what makes us so obsessed with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. Food, fun, and love!


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