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Day in the Life: Giada de Laurentiis

Road Trip

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On tour for my new cookbook, we spend a lot of time in cars and planes, so I grab the laughs, treats, and naps wherever I can get them!

Morning Joe

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Joe on the go! I always hunt out the best coffee shop in whatever town I wake up in to sample their morning fare. I like to consider myself a coffee aficionado. This a.m.?  Americano black with agave please, and your finest blueberry muffin!

Family Ties

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I FaceTime every day, often multiple times, with my little fam. It really helps us to have that eye-to-eye contact—that is really important! My iPhone is my lifeline when I’m away from home, and have really been enjoying working on articles and ideas for my new app for iPhone, Giada: A Digital Weekly, available on iTunes.

Food as Fuel

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I try to eat lightly and often when on the road to keep my energy up and my system not overworked. A nice chicken paillard or a juice are a few of my faves! My favorite combo for juices are kale, spinach, a little apple, lemon, ginger and cayenne.

Small Fry

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Fries are some of my fave comfort foods. I love the crispy indulgence, but I make sure they aren't a daily habit!

Fan Base

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The daily rewards of traveling on book tour are too countless to mention. I'm grateful for the hotels that go out of their way to make me feel at home and support my sweets cravings. The fans that patiently wait in lines that snake through mall make me feel so good. 

Star Power

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Here I am signing a poster at Williams-Sonoma. We always sign our posters for staff after a book signing. I love seeing who has visited each location!

Nailed It

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My hands are a big part of my job and I like to give them extra attention. They can get banged up with all the cooking, but it's nothing a great manicurist can't handle. These are painted by one of my faves, NYC-based Patricia Yankee and I'm loving the gold grill! I like a couple coats of Patricia's own colors, Halo with a coat of Faith for some sparkle on the top. 

Hair Apparent

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This is my traveling bestie, Julie Morgan, who puts me back together after all the late flights, early signings, and cooking in between! My blowouts last about four days, and Julie’s scalp massage to add extra volume is my fave part of the process!

Save Face

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Hydration is important on the road. Julie spritzes me with a cold mist of aerosol water before or after my makeup to brighten my skin. She preps my lips with Jouer lip enhancer and treats my legs and feet with this body oil that smells like an exotic getaway! 
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