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A Day in the Life: Petra Nemcova

Model Behavior

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From heating up Sports Illustrated in a tiny two-piece to sashaying her way across the dance floor on Dancing With the Stars, supermodel Petra Nemcova is certainly one busy lady.
Inspired by her travels all across the country, the SHAPE cover model recently launched a home décor lifestyle brand, Be The Light New York, which features luxury candles handcrafted with scents inspired by the locations that hold a special meaning to her.
The Czech beauty gave us an inside look at a recent day in her life while promoting her new collection in Houston at the Cakewalk Style Shop. Read on to see details like what the 34-year-old bombshell eats to stay fit and fueled on the fly.

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Super Breakfast

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“I love breakfast. I can’t function without something in my tummy. Super greens are always a part of my travel kit. I can always feel their immediate impact. Having a moment in the morning for my super greens is not just nurturing for my body, but for my state of mind!”

Daily Dose of Berries

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“I always try to eat berries (the darker the better!) when I’m on the road. Delicious!”

Ladies Luncheon

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“Now it’s time to host my beautiful luncheon. Chef Ryan at Triniti Restaurant in Houston inspired me with all of his dishes—each course was modeled after one of my candles and was healthy but tasty. My favorite was the butternut squash soup. Yum!”

Red, White, and Beautiful

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“Greeting my beautiful guests as they arrive in their festive red attire!”

Tea Time

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“I'm so addicted to green tea. I can't wake up without it! I love it so much that I travel with my own stash.”

Fun Photo Opp

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“Having fun with my home décor collection, Be The Light New York, at Cakewalk Style Shop. I am appreciative to everyone who came out to support me!”

Time to Talk

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“Doing some interviews to talk about the holidays, my collection, and what inspires me!”

Giving Thanks

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“I wanted to say a special thank you to Gina Cartwright and Jennifer Grisby who let me into their shop and into their home. I’m so excited that Be The Light New York now has a new home in Houston!”

A Sweet (and Healthy) Snack

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“Sometimes I don't get a chance to stop and have a proper meal so I always carry chocolate with more than 70% cacao. Dark chocolate has bad perception, but it’s actually good for you (in moderation)!”

Goodbye, Houston!

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“Time to leave to the airport, back to cold New York. No matter what, I'm trying to make the winter warmer with happy colors!” 


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