What's wrong with being confident? Nothing at all.


If you've been following our #LoveMyShape campaign, you know we're all about body positivity. And by that, we mean we think you should be proud AF of your badass body and what it can do, whatever your shape or size. That's why Demi Lovato's latest Snapchats (which are right up our alley) gave us some major #bodylove feels.

She snapped some bikini shots, captioning one, "My body isn't perfect, I'm not my fittest but this is me!! And I <3 it" and another with simply the word "curves."

Demi Lovato Body Pos Snaps

Demi's no stranger to speaking out about self-love. (Haven't you heard her song "Confident"? It is part of our body positive playlist.) She's one of our fave body-positive celebs and she's all about #NoMakeupMonday (just take a look at the gorgeous no-makeup selfie below that she posted on her Instagram). Plus, she's not afraid to flip a middle finger to body shamers and spread the word about learning to "lurrrrrvveee yerrrrr currrrrvveees." And don't forget how she slayed in a recent impromptu photo shoot with Vanity Fair, where she posed sans makeup, clothes, and Photoshop to produce some seriously empowering portraits.

But while she's super open about loving herself and her body, she's just as honest about the #struggles: She doesn't sugarcoat the fact that working out can really suck, and she's vocal about her battle with bipolar disorder (she even started an initiative to erase the stigma around mental health).

Just call Demi our #goals for self-love. We'll be over here hugging our perfectly imperfect bodies and sending love to our sometimes-crazy brains and our sweaty, makeup-free, post-workout faces.