The singer was basically giddy about getting to meet them.

By Renee Cherry
Updated: August 28, 2017
Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images 

Even someone as famous as Demi Lovato can be starstruck from time to time. ICYMI, Demi sang the national anthem before Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor's hotly anticipated fight on Saturday. She killed the performance and looked incredible in a white dress with her hair slicked back. It gave any Lovatics watching something to go nuts over, but the singer later had a fangirl moment of her own. After the match, the singer got to meet the two fighters, and took to Instagram to reveal just how excited it had made her.

First she posted a photo of herself meeting McGregor. "Such an honor meeting the legend himself @thenotoriousmma. As a huge MMA fan I geeked the F*** out!! So nice meeting you Conor and incredible job last night!" she captioned the photo.

Shortly after she posted a photo of herself and Mayweather, who had just won, continuing to gush. She shared that Mayweather had personally chosen her to sing the national anthem. "He said 'I chose you for my last fight' what a f***ing honor. Thank you Floyd for such an incredible experience. It was an honor to sing for you. Thank you and CONGRATS CHAMP!!!" she wrote.

Lovato isn't just a fan of watching MMA, she likes to incorporate martial arts into her own workouts. (She's one of many ​badass celebrities who have taken up martial arts.) She often shares glimpses of some of her impressive jiujitsu and boxing moves on her Instagram. (Check out these other five times Demi inspired us to hit the gym.) Judging by how excited she was to meet Mayweather and McGregor, her love of in-the-ring sweat sessions runs deep.



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