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Detox and Cleanse Diets: Should You Try These Popular Celeb Diets?

Celeb Detox Diet #1: Salma Hayek

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Cleanse diets are nothing new to Salma Hayek, who credits her slim and sexy shape to the juice cleanses she started doing 15 years ago. Salma worked with Juice Generation's Eric Helms to create the Cooler Cleanse, a three- or five-day detox diet consisting of pressed raw juices. Get the facts on the benefits of aloe vera juice here.

Celeb Detox Diet #2: Gwyneth Paltrow

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Gwyneth Paltrow frequently touts the benefits of detox diets on her website, GOOP, and swears by Dr. Alejandro Junger's Clean program. The 21-day cleanse diet consists of a shake for breakfast, lunch from a list of approved foods and a shake for dinner. Junger also offers a mini three-day cleanse and an elimination diet for those not ready for a full-blown cleanse. Find out if detox diets are truly an effective way to lose weight fast.

Celeb Detox Diet #3: Beyonce

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Beyonce turned to the Master Cleanse Diet to help her drop a reported 20 pounds in less than two weeks for her role in the movie Dreamgirls. The Master Cleanse is one of the most extreme detox diets. Followers subsist on a liquid diet of hot water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for 10 days. But is it the best way to lose? Get the facts.

Celeb Detox Diet #4: Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway turns to trainer David Kirsch's 48-Hour Detox Diet before red carpet events. The 2-day diet involves drinking Kirsch's specialized LemonAid four times a day and allegedly boosts metabolism and energy to jumpstart weight loss. David Kirsch told us his top tips for getting celebs (and you) in top shape.

Celeb Detox Diet #5: Jessica Szohr

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Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr reportedly uses the three-day Blueprint Cleanse to feel renewed and refreshed. The juice-based program consists of six fruit and vegetable drinks that total about 1,200 calories per day. (Related: How Many Calories Are You Really Eating?)

Celeb Detox Diet #6: Alicia Silverstone

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Alicia Silverstone's vegan detox diet plan, The Kind Diet, claims to help you lose weight, improve your skin, and reduce your impact on the planet. The overarching theme of this vegan diet is to choose kind over “nasty foods,” which are defined as meat, dairy, white sugar and processed foods. Thinking about going vegan? Check out these tips to make it easy.

Celeb Detox Diet #7: Bethenny Frankel

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Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel just unveiled the newest product in her Skinnygirl Daily line, the Skinnygirl Daily Cleanse and Restore. Frankel stresses that the Skinnygirl cleanse is supposed to be used in conjunction with healthy meals, not as a meal replacement. The Real Housewives star stirs hers into an 8oz. glass of water once or twice a day as a way to up her fiber intake. You can also mix it into foods like oatmeal. Find ways to sneak in more fiber here.

Celeb Detox Diet #8: Giuliana Rancic

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E! News host Giuliana Rancic lost weight for her 2007 wedding by adhering to the Ultimate Tea Diet. This 14-day plan allows you to drink multiple cups of tea per day (without sugar or milk), while you follow a specific eating plan that includes eating three light meals. If you're looking to lose weight, or if you just liking drinking tea, this might be the detox diet for you!

Celeb Detox Diet #9: Jaime Pressly

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Does eating unlimited bowls of cabbage soup sound tasty to you? It doesn't to us either. But that's exactly what Jaime Pressly did to lose her baby weight in 2007. The famous cabbage soup diet calls for eating all the cabbage soup you want for seven days, while you supplement it with skim milk, some fruits, and vegetables. While you're sure to lose some weight fast (the diet promises 10 pounds), it's mostly water weight, which is easily gained back. The verdict? Skip this one!

Celeb Detox Diet #10: Megan Fox

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When Megan Fox wants to detox, what does she do? She downs straight shots of apple cider vinegar to flush out water weight and drop pounds. But while this cleanse might help you lose a few pounds, this isn't a healthy long-term diet plan. If you're looking for a way to lose weight and keep it off, check out these tips and tricks.


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