The trainer and ultra-motivator is the perfect example of how body recomposition can change SO much.

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In 11 years, Anna Victoria completely transformed her body-and she has the pictures to prove it. But incredibly, her weight has only shifted by 5 lbs.

The fitness influencer, 30, joined in on the popular 10-year challenge, which has social media users sharing photos of themselves now and a decade earlier. Victoria cheated a little and shared a photo from 11 years earlier, but it was worth it to show how much she's changed. (Related: Anna Victoria Gets Real About What It Takes to Get Abs)

"Does anyone else look back and feel like periods of time in your life were another life entirely?" she asked on Instagram.

Victoria said that in the photo from 2007, where she's dressed in a bikini and holding up a friend for a keg stand, she wasn't healthy.

"Before: partied (clearly), ate only fast food, wouldn't step foot in a gym, drank almost no water, had trouble sleeping, had digestive and GI issues from poor eating habits," she wrote. (Related: Anna Victoria Launched an Activewear Collection)

"After: enjoys a glass of wine or two here and there, eats 80/20, works out for my mental, emotional and physical health, drinks 3-4 liters of water a day, prioritizes sleep, no more digestive and GI issues (except for when I have huge cheat meals)."

Victoria said that those changes between 2007 and 2018-things she now preaches to her 1.3 million followers-changed her life, even if they didn't make much of a difference on the scale.

"While I didn't have a ton of weight to lose, [and] my transformation was largely health-focused, I am also proud of the physical change. And there's only a 5 lb difference between these two photos!" she said. "But one thing I want to add and make clear is despite the differences between these two photos, I still loved myself in the 2007 photo. No matter how much I did or didn't weigh, I never let it phase me and question my worth."

Victoria said that the same is true for her followers, especially if they're comparing themselves to old photos.

"YOU deserve to love yourself now, no matter where you are in your journey, even if you haven't even started," she said. "Please know that now and always." (Related: This 15-Minute Metabolic Workout from Anna Victoria Will Work Your Entire Body)

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