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Funny Dog Photos That Will Inspire You to Hit the Gym

The Fittest Puppies on Instagram

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Who doesn't need some cute, furry inspiration to work out? Next time you think you have an excuse to skip the gym, take a look at these adorable—and totally in shape—Instagram puppies and think again! After all, if @le_bits the French Bulldog can manage this single-arm, single-leg plank (okay, that picture may or may not be Photoshopped), then you can certainly manage to make it to your 60-minute power yoga class. (And here's the Ultimate Guide to Running with Your Dog.)

Photo: @le_bits

Now *This* Is Upward-Facing Dog

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Who better to show us a perfect upward-facing dog pose than an upward-facing dog? This adorable Frenchie from @crossfanatico shows us that yoga always has its place—even in the middle of a CrossFit gym.

Photo: @crossfanatico

A New Take on Doggy Paddle

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Vizsla Oliver (of @_donald) knows that kayaking is always a great workout...even if you're not the one paddling.

Photo: @_donald

Can You Catch Your Tail?

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Rescue pup Kodak of @britandkodak won't run the marathon with you, but he will offer up inspiring signs like this one! (And here, the 26 Best Marathon Signs from Spectators.)

Photo: @britandkodak

Put Me In, Coach!

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Frenchies may be flat-faced breeds, but that doesn't mean they don't like to run around the soccer pitch every once in a while. In style, of course, as @trotterpup shows us.

Photo: @trotterpup

Surf's Up!

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Next time you decide to bail on a surf trip with the girls for six hours of Netflix, remember that @brandy_the_pug has her own surfboard, wetsuit, lifejacket, and GoPro for capturing all of the action. And then rethink your excuses.

Photo: @brandy_the_pug

Is This Dog Certified?

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@liliannarustanu's fluffy pup is all about the yoga. And making sure your posture and balance is on point! (Find out the Top 15 Ways Dogs Improve Your Health.)

Photo: @liliannarustanu

Top Dog

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Here's a reason to go hiking: So you can take drool-worthy Instagram pics at the peak with your best (and fluffiest) friend, like @picobac.

Photo: @picobac

We Like to Call This Dog-a

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If your boyfriend isn't thrilled about doing acroyoga with you, why not enlist your pup? @otekah_ shows us dogs can be great yoga partners.

Photo: @otekah_

Does This Make My Neck Look Fat?

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Princess the English Bulldog of @princess_and_general is getting ready to work up a serious sweat—you in? (Stock up on these 10 Must-Have Pieces to Take You Into Fall.)

Photo: @princess_and_general

Doggy Paddle

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Boaz the Vizsla of @my_boaz is always ready for a different kind of doggy-paddling adventure.

Photo: @my_boaz

I Think I Can!

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This little Frenchie at @santacruzstrength may be smaller than this 25kg plate, but we're sure he doesn't let that stop him from crushing every workout.

Photo: @santacruzstrength

Spot Me?

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Rip, @the.caseys' rescue pup, shows off his sweet home gym set-up. (No gym? No problem! Try the Ultimate Home Workout.)

Photo: @the.caseys


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