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Get Kate Hudson’s Cover Look!

Kate the Great

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Even a natural beauty like cover girl Kate Hudson, Almay’s brand ambassador since 2010, needs a little help to appear picture-perfect. And you can learn her secret, courtesy of Almay (available at drugstores). “Your makeup should enhance your personal beauty, not mask it,” says Jen Navaro, a makeup artist who works with Almay.

CC Cream

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With her clear complexion, Kate isn’t a full-coverage gal. SmartShade CC Cream Complexion Corrector in Light/Medium ($10) has SPF 35 for everyday wear. “CC cream literally takes under a minute to apply and it won’t ever look cakey,” Navaro says. “On top of being easy, it has a natural finish.”


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Sleep deprived? Try Wake-Up Undereye Concealer in Light ($9). “I always use my finger to apply this, dab it in to warm up the product and get it to spread evenly,” Navaro says. 

Eye Liner

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A smudge of pencil along Kate’s lashline creates subtle definition. Try Instense i-Color Defining Liner in Charcoal ($8). “You can go day to night with this,” Navaro says. “And during the day you can do something smudgy underneath, if you go too harsh with an undereye liner it will look too dramatic.”


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Brighten up with a color-contrasting mascara. For hazel eyes like Kate’s, try Intensei-Color Volumizing Mascara in Midnight ($8). “Load it up! You can never wear too much mascara,” Navaro says. “The mascara enhances the color of your eyes so instead of wearing a ton of eye shadow, you’re enhancing the frame, making the eye pop instead of going overboard.”

Brow Pencil

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A filled-in brow frames any face for a polished appearance. Try Brow Defining Pencil in Dark Blonde ($7.50). “Anything that has a brightening and defining affect around the eye will lift up that area,” she says.

Powder Blush

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A swipe of color on Kate’s cheeks brings her skin to life. Try SmartShade Powder Blush in Coral ($11). “This color is harder to mess up since it’s a SmartShade, and a coral color is universal,” Navaro says. “It can look good on almost any skin tone.”

Lip Balm

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Give your mouth lots of moisture and a hint of hue with Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm in Rosy Lipped ($6). “If you’re a girl who doesn’t like lipstick, this is the balm for you,” Navaro says. “These are so sheer but with enough pop of color and they are perfect for everybody.” 


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