Learn how to get Heidi's smoldering eye shadow look with these expert tips


Makeup expert Sabrina Bedrani shows us how to recreate Heidi Klum's stunning look from the American Music Awards.

To achieve Heidi's smokey-eyed look, makeup expert Sabrina visited Clevver Style, where she shows the host how to get the look. She starts off by using an eye primer, which will help to keep makeup in place.

Then, Sabrina starts to intensify the eyes with cream shadow and lots of eyeliner, particularly on the bottom of the eyes, to achieve an intense affect and to give the look a little edge-a rock 'n roll feel, as Sabrina calls it. She uses her finger to smudge the eyeliner towards the outer corner of the eye. She also used a shimmery eyeshadow palate from Chanel, which gave a lot of life to the eyes.

What inspired the whole look was Heidi's silver metallic leather dress. Get a step-by-step list of Sabrina's steps below, and click here to see the whole segment.

Step 1: Prime eyes with a base and apply eyeliner.

Step 2: Sabrina used a silver grey metallic on the outer corners of the eye, paired with a greenish shimmer on the middle of the lid to add dimension.

Step 3: Work on the bottom of the eyes. Smudge black pencil all along the bottom of the lashline and blend with fingers to create the smoky effect.

Step 4: Use your eyelash curler to curl lashes and apply lots of black mascara to top and bottom lashes.

Step 5: Use a gloss or neutral lipstick to create a nude lip.

Voila! The rock 'n roll eye is complete!