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Let Gina Rodriguez Inspire You to Chase Your Dreams and Love Your Shape

She Ignores Hollywood Ideals

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Gina Rodriguez recently opened up to PeopleStyle about her battle with thyroid disorder. But there was no chance she was going to let her body struggles keep her from the big screen. "There is no way in this world things are only allotted to certain people because of their figure. There is no way that should be possible. There is no way that's fair. There is no way that kind of limitation is going to help those that don't fit into that box," she said. Just look: Now she's a red carpet regular.

She Rocks the #ShortHairDontCare Look

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"I cut my hair for a film and there is nothing more freeing then realizing your beauty exists from within. I am not my hair. I am not my weight. I am not my skin color. I am love, I want to be love with every interaction, with every decision I make for myself, with every failure and success," she captioned the Instagram pic. (Love her hair? Consider rocking one of these undercuts.)

She Shuts Down Negative Self Talk

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Her Instagram account is filled with body-loving dance party posts (this one from a recent trip to Norway officially made her our girl crush). Here's what she told PeopleStyle about overcoming the negativity: "Why do we allow that voice that we get inside when we look in the mirror? 'Oh you look fat. Oh God the pimple! Oh my God that skin. Oh my God no one is going to love me.' Who is that voice? I started to realize that little demon that was inside of me, and I was going to find my unicorn and I was going to let them have a conversation because that unicorn was the one that was like, 'No, no, no. It's just a freaking pimple. It's just five pimples. They will go away eventually. It's okay. Look at that smile though. Alright, so you're curvier today. Yeah let's work those curves.'"

She Plays the Long Game

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After the trailer and poster for her new movie Deepwater Horizon dropped last spring, Rodriguez celebrated with a 'gram: "You guys, I am a testament to hard work and perseverance. I didn't come from money. I didn't have a connect in the industry. I wasn't picture perfect or anything close to it in my mind. But I was not going to let up. I told myself almost 15 years ago I would be in a big budget studio film. And today the teaser was released and the poster up for all to see," she wrote. Yep, we're totally inspired now.

She Tackles Her Insecurities

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We all have those days when we're overwhelmed with negativity (yes, even celebs). Rodriguez knows how to turn it into fuel for a workout. "Today I tore down an insecurity, I tore down that voice that wants to tear me down, I tore down every nasty thing anyone has said of me and I turned them into power. I am enough today. With fitness goals on the horizon, I choose to be good to my heart, my mind and my body," she wrote.

She Celebrates Other Women

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Every so often, Rodriguez posts #MovementMondays and takes a second to recognize other people doing big things in the world. Here, she put the spotlight on model Denise Bidot. "Beauty belongs to everyone. And yes @denisebidot there is no right way to be a woman! I am empowered by this woman on the regular, sourcing her self-acceptance at times when life has me in tunnel vision. Latinos are everywhere and in all arenas of art making an enormous splash. Denise, today we celebrate your amazing journey and how much we appreciate the change you are creating in this world!" Can we just be BFFs already?

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She Poses Sans Makeup

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"Sun kissed. No makeup. Messy hair. Me. Here's to a badass day," she captioned the au natural photo. Amen, sister!

She Defends Herself In the Ring

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It's no secret that Rodriguez is a fan of boxing (exhibits A, B, and C), and there is nothing more badass than that. We could literally watch this Instagram video on repeat. (Seriously, it's mesmerising.) 


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