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Hollywood's Hottest Bodies of 2012

Channing Tatum

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Ah, Channing Tatum. We probably won’t ever forget the super hunky star showing us his oh-so-steamy dance moves (nearly naked, to boot) in Magic Mike this year. And yes, that’s why it comes as no surprise that People Magazine recently crowned him “The Sexiest Man Alive.” The 32-year-old actor, who played a male stripper in the film, worked out three hours a day and stuck to a strict dairy- and gluten-free diet to prepare for the body-baring role. Clearly, it’s working for him! We swoon.

Jennifer Lawrence

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There’s nothing we love more than a fierce female who kicks some major butt! And that’s just what Jennifer Lawrence did in this year’s box office smash, The Hunger Games, which admittedly had us hungry to steal her workout secrets. For the intensely physical role, the 22-year-old actress had just six weeks to get her body arena-ready with agility drills and sprints, as well as working with a stunt team and archery coach. With this kind of grueling workout, may the odds be ever in your favor!

Ryan Lochte

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Washboard abs. Boyish good looks. Great smile. There are so many things to love about Ryan Lochte (and we haven’t even gotten to his crazy swimming skills yet!). After heating up the London Olympics, there’s no question the 28-year-old hottie is as good-looking as he is talented. During the offseason, the athlete-turned-actor trains with grueling, full-body strength workouts, including plyometrics and tiring core exercises. We’d challenge him to a duel in the pool anytime!

Halle Berry

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One thing’s for sure, Halle Berry is fab after 40. The stunning star (who turned 46 in August) is known for being one of the fittest females in Hollywood, so what’s her age-defying secret? From regular workouts with celeb trainers like Ramona Braganza, Nat Bardonnet, and Harley Pasternak to a healthy low-carb, low-sugar diet, Berry’s bod is bangin’ and she’s got the confidence to match!

Chris Hemsworth

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If there’s anyone we like to see shirtless, it’s Hollywood heartthrob Chris Hemsworth. The ridiculously ripped actor had no problem gaining female fans all around the world when he took on the role of Thor. To play the massively muscular superhero, the 29-year-old actor packed on 20 pounds of lean mass with weight lifting, surfing, boxing, Muay Thai, and other classic bodybuilder exercises. We’d say fighting off those super villains has done his body good!

Jessica Biel

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Whether she’s gracing the red carpet or heating up the silver screen, Jessica Biel is one fierce female. But it was her role in 2012’s Total Recall that had us doing a total double take! From rocking epic chase sequences to tackling dangerous stunts, Biel is the real deal when it comes to fitness. To keep her figure in fighting shape, the 30-year-old athletic actress does a variety of fat-blasting moves like squats, lunges, sprints, circuit-style strength training, running, hiking, volleyball, and plyometrics three to four days a week with her long-time personal trainer Jason Walsh.  “Jessica is a dream client. She’s one of the hardest working, nicest individuals you will ever meet. She is—and continues to be—an inspiration,” he told SHAPE.

Ryan Gosling

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Fans may have felt he was robbed of People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” title, but that doesn’t change the fact that Ryan Gosling still has one hot “like-you’re Photoshopped” body. How did the 32-year-old hunk get so fit? For his upcoming boxing film, Only God Forgives, the super-sexy star kicked and sweated his way through grueling Muay Thai workouts two hours a day, four times a week while sticking to a strict diet of fish, green veggies, and rice. “Ryan’s disciplined and enthusiastic, and above all, he loves his training,” says his trainer Kiu Puk. Now, back to that shirtless photo

Gwen Stefani

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Hey there, hot mama! With such a rockin’ bod, there’s No Doubt Gwen Stefani looks half her age. Known for dropping down and doing pushups during live performances, the 43-year-old sexy singer has always worked tirelessly to stay in tip-top shape. “There is no secret: You just have to eat healthy, work out, and torture yourself!” she told Harper’s Bazaar. From high-intensity weight training and a mix of cardio to a low-carb, low-sugar, low-fat diet, Stefani is “The Real Thing” when it comes to healthy living.

Taylor Lautner

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Crazy ripped abs. Beautiful buff biceps. Huge shredded pecs. Yep, Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner pretty much has all that covered and more. He’s known for going sans shirt in most of his movies, so it only makes sense the 20-year-old must clock a lot of time getting sweaty. How exactly did he get so cut? With three protein shakes a day and intense two-hour workouts in the gym five days a week, the actor famously packed on 30 pounds of muscle to play the dude-wolf we’ve come to obsess over (and we’re not ashamed to admit it!).

Maria Menounos

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Could SHAPE’s July 2012 cover girl Maria Menounos be any more gorgeous? The Extra host and DWTS sensation definitely knows how to rock a bikini (or any outfit, for that matter!). The 34-year-old brunette beauty, who lost the 40 pounds she gained during college and has kept it off for 13 years, is truly an inspiration for all things healthy. She stays svelte by running, Pilates, squats, lunges, Krav Maga, self-discipline, and trying not to “obsess about anything.”

Zac Efron

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Zac Efron has always been a cutie, but it was his recent role as a marine in 2012’s The Lucky One that had us saying, wowza! With those bulging biceps and that chiseled chest, Efron suddenly transformed from super cute to super hot. So how’d he do it? The 25-year-old actor, who was 145 pounds when he began training for the film, packed on more than 18 pounds of muscle to his slight frame by eating six to eight times a day, protein shakes between meals, and lifting weights like he’d never lifted before. “By the end of the movie I didn’t recognize myself,” Efron told Men’s Health. “I’ve always wondered if I had the willpower to actually do it. And I'll always have pride around the sense that I can.”

Julianne Hough

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Just one look at Julianne Hough in 2012’s Rock of Ages and it’s clear dancing does a body good! For the role, the gorgeous dancer-turned-actress beefed up some of her exercises and lifted weights to achieve a slightly curvier look. In addition to intense dance training, she also works up a sweat on the treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bike, along with sculpting moves and free weights with trainer-to-the-stars Astrid McGuire. “She is so intense, has such drive and commitment,” McGuire told Celebuzz. “When she’s working out 90 minutes, I feel like I’m working out 90 minutes.” Gotta love that!

Stacy Keibler

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Stacy Keibler’s figure is so fab, she just might be our girl crush of 2012. So how does George Clooney’s sweetheart stay so slim and sexy? The 33-year-old ex-pro wrestler, who trains with Juliet Kaska, likes to add variety to her workouts like running stairs or hiking with ankle weights to keep her gams gorgeous. The 5’11” blonde bombshell also enjoys weight training, Pilates, and yoga to keep her fab form long and lean. If that’s how she landed one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, sign us up!

Mario Lopez

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Mario Lopez is one super-buff fitness machine. The successful 39-year-old actor-turned-TV host credits his parents for encouraging him to be active, and the results have clearly paid off! To keep his physique perfect, the luscious Latino trains six days a week with weight training, sparring, swimming, or taking his dog, Julio, for a run. The fitness philosophy that keeps his bod so buff? “Find something you love to do and fight to improve each day. If you love to play at it, you’ll work hard at it,” Lopez told


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If there’s anyone who heated up Twitter with some of the steamiest body-baring pics ever in 2012, it would have to be Rihanna. Turns out the Barbadian beauty is as dedicated to her workouts as she is her career. Fitness expert Ary Nuñez, who’s worked with Rihanna for the last four years, trains the singer using a mix of martial arts, dancing, and calisthenics. “We train when she’s ready… even if we’re on the road and it’s 2 a.m. I’m on call 24/7 with her,” Nuñez told SHAPE. Now that’s what we call dedication!

Tim Tebow

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This home-schooled hunk has become quite the pop-culture phenomenon. Whether or not you feel he's has been able to play with the big boys this season, it's hard not to love all things Tim Tebow! And one thing’s for sure: the football hottie works out incredibly hard. When he was at Florida, he’d run up and down every aisle (about 1,500 steps) to build endurance, and then did speed intervals to develop strength and explosive power. If that’s how he managed to look that sexy on the October 2012 cover of Vogue, then we approve!


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In 2012 Pink had a lot to celebrate! With a new baby, a new body, and a new album (not to mention our November cover!), the talented singer has never felt better. And despite gaining more than 50 pounds during pregnancy, the multi-platinum, three-time Grammy-winner is in the best shape of her life, thanks to kick-butt workouts with Jillian Michaels and Jeanette Jenkins. These days the hot mama mixes it up with interval treadmill routines, strength moves, kickboxing, and power yoga five days a week.

Kellan Lutz

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With movie-star good looks and an amazing muscular physique, Kellan Lutz had no trouble making vampires sexy in this year's Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2. To maintain his super studly shape, the 27-year-old actor takes in lots of water and protein and sweats it out with intense workouts. And in case you were wondering, the secret to his shredded abs is working them harder and less frequently (if he needs any help with that, we’d be happy to oblige).


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The world was buzzing about Beyoncé’s super svelte, post-baby bod earlier this year, proving that the sexy songstress is back and better than ever. The 31-year-old dynamic diva gained 50 pounds during her pregnancy, yet just months after giving birth, she was already showing off a newly trim and toned figure. But getting that bodacious bod back in fighting form wasn’t such an easy task. Bey worked out three to four times a week for an hour at a time with celeb trainer Marco Borges, doing a ton of cardio (walking, running, and sprinting) combined with plyometric exercises, resistance work, and calisthenics. All hail Queen B, because she sure does “Run the World!"

Ryan Reynolds

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Ryan Reynolds makes one handsome husband. All eyes were on the 36-year-old actor and his beautiful new bride, Blake Lively, when the two tied the knot in September. Not gonna lie, we’re always lusting over his blockbuster body, so it’s no surprise he’s almost as famous for his abs as he is for his acting career. Since he gained 20 pounds of muscle and reduced his body fat from 11 percent to just 3 percent to prepare for his role back in 2004’s Blade: Trinity, let’s just say he’s kept our attention—and our hearts. We melt.


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