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How They Stay Fit After DWTS Elimination!

Week 10 Elimination: Rob Kardashian

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Partner: Cheryl Burke

Theme: Finals

Song: Fly Me to the Moon

Dance Style: Foxtrot; Freestyle; Instant samba

Score: 30: 83

Apparently we’re not the only ones who fell in love with Rob Kardashian this season on Dancing with the Stars. Sure, he had the most growth across the season but we can’t believe he made it all the way to second place! Rob secured his spot in the finals with his first perfect score and his first time on top of the leader board. More than his growth as a dancer everyone was impressed with his growth as a person, his confidence, and of course his body transformation. After battling with binge eating before joining the DWTS Cast we hope his time on the show, and his second place finish, is enough to keep the reality star motivated to keep moving and treat his body right.

Week 10 Elimination: Ricki Lake

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Partner: Derek Hough

Theme: Finals

Song: Psycho

Dance Style: Tango & Freestyle

Score: 27: 84

In perhaps the biggest shock of season 13 of Dancing with the Stars, front runner Ricki Lake was the first to be eliminated from the finals putting her in third place. Despite unanimous tens from the judges for her Psycho tango revisit, Lake and partner Derek Hough did not receive enough viewer votes to stay in the competition but the talk show host is definitely a DWTS winner. By week 7 of the competition she had already lost 15 pounds and has continued to tone up and slim down in the last three weeks. Outside of dancing, Lake has relied on hiking, spinning, yoga and the food delivery system Fresh Dining to stay slim.

Week 9 Elimination: Hope Solo

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Partner: Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Theme: Cha Cha relay

Song: I Can’t Be Tamed and Whatever Lola Wants

Dance Style: Paso Doble & Argentine Tango

Score: 21; 49

Soccer star Hope Solo has struggled to get in touch with her fluid, feminine side all season on Dancing with the Stars and it has finally caught up with her. After a poorly executed week 9 Paso Doble it was time for her and partner Maksim Chmerkovsky to head home. But as the only DWTS contestant whose six pack looked as good on her first day in the ballroom as the last, we know the athlete will stay on top of her game. Solo loves bodyweight exercises on a stability ball and plyometrics to stay in shape. She also jumps rope to up her heart rate and uses dynamic stretches to stay limber. During the off-season she enjoys practicing yoga.

Week 8 Elimination: Nancy Grace

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Partner: Tristan “Lucky Charm” MacManus

Theme: Instant Jives

Song: The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane

Dance Style: Tango

Score: 24; 44

It was no surprise when low-scorer Nancy Grace was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars on the eighth week. Grace may have been the most gracious eliminated contestant, crediting partner Tristan MacManus with her success. The TV host and former prosecutor, who says she hasn’t thought about her weight since her children were born was almost back to her pre-pregnancy size after 8 weeks on DWTS. Before becoming pregnant, Grace stayed on track by keeping a diet and exercise journal for 18 years. Will she maintain her weight loss now that she’s off the show? Maybe Grace can make fitness-time family-time and teach the twins to dance!

Week 7 Elimination: David Arquette

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Partner: Kym Johnson

Theme: Halloween

Song: Abracadabra

Dance Style: Cha cha

Score: 24

Perhaps the Halloween episode of this season's Dancing with the Stars was cursed for David Arquette. After a misplaced prop, the Scream star pulled the second lowest score of the week and was sent home to a round of boos. Arquette seemed less upset than the audience saying, "I set out to entertain people, learn more about myself, challenge myself, get in shape, have fun and learn how to dance. I've done all that." Arquette started the show in great shape—hello Indiana Jones open shirt during his week 4 Pasodoble! Before DWTS the actor had trained in Budokon, a mix of yoga, martial arts, and meditation to stay in shape. Will he add dance to his fitness regimen? Arquette left the show saying, “I would have liked to have learned a couple more dances like the fox trot.” Let’s see if he sticks with it post-Dancing with the Stars.

Week 5 Elimination: Chaz Bono

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Partner: Lacey Schwimmer

Theme: Broadway

Song: Phantom of the Opera

Dance Style: Tango

Score: 19

Chaz Bono undoubtedly started this season as Dancing with the Stars' largest contestant making it all the harder to keep up with the competition. Despite knee pains and other weight-related ailments, Bono managed to hang in six weeks until his tango to the Phantom of the Opera finally took him down. In the meantime, Bono’s DWTS pro partner Lacey Schwimmer reports that he lost five pounds in the first six days alone and Bono announced on last week’s episode that he has, “no more pain.” Turning down the sweets on set was a challenge for the transgender contestant, but if he keeps making good choices he’ll continue to lose the weight and get in shape even without Dancing with the Stars!

Week 5 Elimination: Carson Kressley

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Partner: Anna Trebunskaya

Theme: The '80s

Song: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Dance style: Jive

Score: 19

After 5 weeks we’re not ready to say goodbye to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy alum Carson Kressley. As Kressley said himself, “I’m not the most coordinated person. I do sort of put the ‘C’ in Caucasian.” But don’t worry, Kressley’s not done dancing! He recently told, “I love going out dancing. Now, I actually have some moves so I can impress everybody on the dance floor. It's also such a great workout. I recommend it to all my friends and family now because you don't even realize you're working out or sweating off the pounds. You have a great time doing it and all of the sudden your clothing is baggy, so everybody wins!"

Week 4 Elimination: Chynna Phillips

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Partner: Tony Dovolani

Theme: Movies

Song: Mission Impossible

Dance style: Tango

Score: 21

Chynna Phillips may have forgotten the choreography to her tango with partner Tony Dovolani, but should she have gone home? We say no! This DWTS contestant had a lot of potential and we would have liked to have seen more. We’re happy to hear that Phillips isn’t giving up on dancing though. On her post Dancing with the Stars elimination visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! she said, "I'll tell you one thing, I am not going to let go of my workouts from this day forward because Dancing with the Stars saved my butt - it literally saved my butt!"

Week 3 Elimination: Kristin Cavallari

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Partner: Mark Ballas

Theme: Most memorable year

Song: Crazy in Love

Dance style: Samba

Score: 24

Although her samba performance wasn't great, we didn't expect to see The Hills star Kristin Cavallari go home this week on Dancing with the Stars. Guess we'll never know what her full dance potential is but we sure know what her fitness potential is. That girl looks good and she works hard for it! Cavallari regularly hits Burn 60 in Los Angeles for high-intensity interval classes that burn major calories and build strength. She also works with a personal trainer so it's no wonder she had one of the best bikini bodies this summer even before going on Dancing with the Stars!

Week 2 Elimination: Elisabetta Canalis

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Partner: Val Chmerkovsky

Theme: Quickstep and Jive

Song: Don’t Get Me Wrong

Dance style: Quick Step

Score: 21

Ok, we admit it, Elisabetta Canalis wasn't the strongest contender on DWTS but we feel bad she went home after improving so much from the previous week’s terrible cha cha. At least we don’t have to worry; Canalis has always been serious about staying fit. Before the show, the Italian model turned to kickboxing and swimming to stay in shape. And, as a self-proclaimed carb addict, she makes sure to eat them early in the day focusing on protein for lunch and dinner. Want to know what else Canalis is eating and doing to stay in shape post-Dancing with the Stars? Find out here.

Week 1 Elimination: Ron Artest (Metta World Peace)

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Partner: Petra Murgatroyd

Theme: Season premiere!

Song: Krazy

Dance style: Cha Cha

Score: 14

LA Lakers forward Ron Artest didn’t last long on Dancing with the Stars, but he is one fit guy. As he exclusively told Men’s Fitness, Artest works out four times a week combining weight training with basics like pushups, chinups, bench dips and sand running during the off-season. He also cooks his own meals and does his shopping at Whole Foods and GNC. Check out Artests clean eating plan here and find out why he doesn’t work out at the gym.

A man who is willing to dance, does his own shopping and cooking and is clearly in good shape? Maybe we would have liked to have seen him on DWTS a little longer!


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