They tried a beginner-friendly (but arguably terrifying) pose called high-flying whale.

By Renee Cherry
Jonathan Van Ness and Tess Holliday
Credit: Randy Holmes/Getty Images, Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

You're going to love this latest friend duo. We don't know a whole lot about their friendship, but in a literal sense, Jonathan Van Ness totally had Tess Holliday's back recently. Over the weekend, the two practiced some acroyoga together, and Holliday trusted JVN to support her while she was completely suspended in the air. (Related: Cool Instagram Photos of Celebrities in Yoga Poses)

The model posted a photo of the moment to Instagram alongside a BTS video of what it took to get there. With spotters supporting her arms for balance, Holliday stood by Van Ness' head, then he lifted her feet with his hands until she was lying back. "Oh my God, it's so weird. Oh my God, that's crazy," she says in the video once she's completely airborne.

To a commenter who wrote that they couldn't believe her level of trust, Holliday responded, "We've been friends a long time." (Related: Tess Holliday Revealed Why She Doesn't Share More of Her Fitness Journey On Instagram)

Even if you don't have a yogi friend in your life, you should still give acroyoga a try (under the supervision of a pro, of course). Besides being an excellent way to build flexibility and core strength, it comes with the benefits of touch you won't get in a regular yoga class. (See: 5 Reasons Why You Should Try Acroyoga and Partner Yoga)

The pose that JVN and Holliday tried is called high-flying whale, which, believe it or not, is a beginners' pose. It allows the flier to get a deep back stretch and requires balance on the part of the base, according to Yoga Journal.

Whether you think the pose looks fun or terrifying, there's no question that Tess and JVN are friendship goals.