The former Bachelorette got real about zits and hair loss.
kaitlyn bristowe
Photo: Instagram @kaitlynbristowe

If you judged Bachelor and Bachelorette contests solely by their hair and makeup on the show, or on their perfectly curated Instagram feeds, you might get the idea that they're flawless 'round the clock. As a little reminder that everyone's human, Kaitlyn Bristowe gave a peek behind the curtain in a recent #realstagram, as "a reminder that social media isn't real life so we can't get caught up comparing our story/body/wardrobe/relationships etc. with someone else's." In the relatable post, she shared that she's been feeling less than hot. (P.S. Here are our favorite no-makeup celebrity selfies.)

"I have a monster zit below my lip, (like I had to point it out) bags under my eyes because I cried A LOT in the last couple days, just your typical break down for no real reason," she captioned the post. "My hair started falling out again because all I've been doing is eating greasy crap and not exercising, and I overall feel gross. I haven't been taking care of myself but I'm holding myself accountable. Going to work out this week, get on one of Shawns meal plans, and maybe wash my hair/face... Maybe."

So in case you thought Bristowe-or any other influencer you follow-wakes up with perfect hair and skin every single day, let this set the record straight. ICYMI, past contestants have gotten candid with the media about spending a lot of time and energy on their appearances to prep for the show. Some of the women have estimated they spent at least $1,000 in beauty expenses before the show, Refinery29 reported. (They put in a lot of hard work behind the scenes to stay in shape, too.) So the next time you're picking on yourself for your own dark circles or hair loss, just remember that no one's immune to feeling insecure over their appearance-or those days when you just "overall feel gross."