People Are Loving Katie Holmes' Unretouched Stretch Marks In This Photo

Fans are thanking her for keeping it real.

Katie Holmes
Photo: ANGELA WEISS/Contributor/Getty Images

Katie Holmes took to Instagram a few days ago to share some behind-the-scenes shots from a recent photoshoot she did with Vogue Australia, and her fans are *here* for the photos. In both shots, Holmes is seen wearing a bra, blazer, and high-waisted dress pants while striking fierce poses.

The second photo shows a glimpse of the 40-year-old actress' stretch marks on her stomach. While it's not something she alludes to in the caption, Holmes' post resonated with fans from around the globe.

"Love how beautiful and natural you are with your body," one fan commented. "You aren't afraid to show your body exactly how it is."

Another said: "So bold!! I love that you're slightly showing the pregnancy warrior marks. You go, girl!!!!"

"I zoomed in and saw your stretch marks! It made me cry to see how proud you are of them," commented another person.

Hundreds of others thanked Holmes for "being real", calling her a "true beauty of a mother." (

Holmes isn't the only celeb to embrace her stretch marks and share unretouched photos on social media. Jameela Jamil posted a selfie last spring showing the stretch marks on her boobs, calling them her "babe marks" and "a normal, beautiful thing."

More recently, Kate Upton posed in retouched photos on the cover of Health to call attention to the fact that staging and heavily editing photos has, in many ways, become "the new norm."

"And then we believe that's how people actually look, and we think we should look that way too," the model said in her cover story interview.

But when women like Upton, Jamil, and Holmes share their real, authentic, unedited selves with the world, it reminds people everywhere that FaceTuning and Photoshopping don't have to be the new norm.

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