The BBG creator said it's not easy for her to open up about this part of her life.

By Faith Brar
Credit: Instagram/@kaylaitsines

Kayla Itsines was very open and honest about her pregnancy. She not only talked about how her body transformed, but she also shared how she changed her entire approach to working out with pregnancy-safe exercises. The Aussie trainer even talked about unexpected side effects of pregnancy, like restless leg syndrome.

Now, just weeks after giving birth, Itsines is carrying that openness into her life as a new mom. The fitness diva recently took to Instagram to share a couple of rare and powerful side-by-side photos of her body to show just how much it's changed. (Related: How Emily Skye's Pregnancy Transformation Taught Her to Ignore Negative Comments)

"If I am honest, it is with great trepidation that I share with you this very personal image," she wrote alongside photos of herself that were taken just a week apart. "Every woman's journey through life but especially pregnancy, birth, and healing post-birth is unique. While each journey has a common thread that connects us as women, our personal experience, our relationship with ourselves and our body will always be our own."

Given her role as a motivator and empowering icon who encourages millions of people to develop healthy relationships with their bodies, she felt it was important to share how she's doing exactly that with her own body after giving birth to her daughter Arna.

"For me right now, I celebrate my body for all it has been through and the absolute joy it has brought into my life with Arna," she wrote. "As a personal trainer, all I can hope for you ladies is that you feel encouraged to do the same regardless of whether you have just given birth or not, celebrate your body and the gift that it is. No matter what journey you have been on with your body, the ways in which it heals, supports, strengthens and adapts to take us through life is truly incredible." (Related: Why Kayla Itsines Isn't Going to Become a Mom Blogger After She Gives Birth)

A week later, Itsines shared another side-by-side photo and admitted that she wasn't expecting to see her body change so much in such a short amount of time.

"I have mostly just been resting... and staring at Arna until she wakes up," she wrote in the post's caption. "The human body is honestly just incredible!!!"

The new mom wants to be clear about one thing, though: "I'm not posting these as 'transformation posts', nor am I concerned with my weight loss post pregnancy," she wrote. "I'm simply showing you my journey, which many of the #BBGcommunity have asked to see."

Postpartum journeys really are about so much more than just physical changes. Three weeks after giving birth to baby Arna, Itsines opened up about how she's been feeling "so much better" mentally.

She attributes part of that change in mindset to her ability to return to her usual diet. "My focus over the last week has [been] getting back into my regular healthy eating routine," she wrote in an Instagram post. "Not that I've been eating unhealthy foods but I'm now starting to re-introduce some of my favorite healthy foods which I was unable to eat or made me feel sick throughout my pregnancy." (Related: 5 Weird Health Concerns That Can Pop Up During Pregnancy)

It's not easy to feel your body to have an aversion to plates you love. For Itsines, it was raw fish, avocado, and Asian greens that she couldn't stomach during pregnancy, even though she considers them to be some of her favorite foods.

Itsines' posts serve as a reminder that postpartum recovery has its ups and downs. Sure, you might still look a bit pregnant after giving birth (that's totally normal, BTW), but you also get to see how resilient you were to months of mental and physical changes. It takes time for your body to heal after creating and carrying a tiny human. As Itsines said, the human body truly is incredible.