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Lindsey Vonn Gets a Gold Medal for Her Active Recovery Game

Pool PT

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Part of being an athlete is knowing when to take it down a notch after an injury. As she says here, "one small step at a time."

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Champion In Training

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Lindsey reminds us that modifications are crucial when training with an injury. She captioned the photo: "My season is NOT over!" #Werk.

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No Days Off

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Even pre-injury, Lindsey was a pro at making fitness a prio, beach days included.

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Leg Day

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Lindsey has the "no excuses" attitude of a true champ: "Just because my arm is broken doesn't mean I can't keep working my legs. #NeverGiveUp," she captioned this photo.

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Turn the Outdoors Into Your Gym

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Lindsey was always good at working with what she has, broken arm or not. "Life is a balancing act...and also a constant struggle to find gyms," she says here. We're loving the bright coral and turquoise combo too.

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Mind, Body, and Soul

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We can't help but admire Lindsey's sculpted core in this bright pink sports bra.

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