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Must-See Moments from the 2013 Nautica Malibu Triathlon

Think You Can't Do a Triathlon? Meet Bill Bell, 91

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Bill Bell is inspiration in a bottle. After running his first marathon at age 59, he went on to finish 32 Ironman triathlons, 33 half-Ironman races, two Ultraman three-day triathlons (six-mile swim, 250-mile bike, and 52.4-mile run—all in one day), and 158 marathons and ultraruns (between 26.2 and 52.4 miles)—before his 89th birthday. Needless to say, Bell completed the course in Malibu with ease on Sunday.

Colin Egglesfield Flashes a Double Peace Before Pulling On His Wetsuit

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How was the Rizzoli & Isles star feeling Sunday morning? "Nervous." But crossing the finish line less than two hours later, it was clear his nerves didn't affect performance.

Why Run When You Can Fly?

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No wonder this athlete wasn't wearing a wetsuit—a Speedo is a much better choice for skimming the surface at maximum speed.

Max Greenfield is All Smiles, All the Time (Seriously, Even at 4 a.m.)

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Our favorite funny and fit actor showed up to the transition area well before the sun went up, meaning he had a little time to share his training strategy with us. "I do 100 percent CrossFit," Greenfield says, adding that he trained for the 2013 Nautica Malibu Triathlon by doing his regular WODs and then immediately running a few miles to familiarize his body with the quick switch between activities. The New Girl star also revealed that he applied all the amazing spinning tips in this hilarious video to his training routine.

What? This Isn't How All Men Stretch?

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Colin Egglesfield pulls off a sexy man split. A feat that few can accomplish (and even fewer should attempt).

Brett Michaels Serenades the Athletes

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After much anticipation, Brett Michaels is revealed as the "surprise celebrity guest" singing the National Anthem.

We Do Tris with a Little Help from Our Friends

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Actor David Denman (Parenthood, The Office) helps Pirates of the Caribbean star Greg Ellis zip up his wetsuit just before the gun goes off.

What was the Energy Like on Zuma Beach? This

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Words can't describe the incredibly inspiring and exciting atmosphere in Malibu on Sunday. So we'll just let this photo do the talking.

Jon Cryor Takes One Last Goggle-Free Look

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When asked how he felt before the race kicked off, the Two and a Half Men star said he "felt good... but hadn't gotten in the water yet." After a strong finish, we're convinced he did just fine in the ocean.

Your New Source of Instant Inspiration

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The next time you feel frustrated during your workout, remember this photo and that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

A Painless Transition for Mark Feuerstein

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After wrapping up the half-mile swim in just over 16 minutes, the Royal Pains star transitioned from wetsuit to cycling shoes with razor-sharp focus—which obviously paid off. Feuerstein finished the full course in 1:53:25.

Rise and Swim, Bike, Run

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Athletes at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon arrived in the dark as early as 4:30 a.m., which coincidentally (or not) puts them at the starting line just as the sun is rising.

Can You Spot the Ink on Colin Egglesfield's Fit Bod? (Hint: Lower)

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Can't figure out why he looks so familiar? You may know Egglesfield as Kate Hudson's charming fiance in romcom Something Borrowed. It took the half-mile swim for us to make the connection.

The First Female Crosses the Finish Line

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Laurel Wassner took first place in the female division with a time of 1:29:31.33. Her best advice for new triathletes? Have fun! "People get really serious about triathlon training, but I find I do the best when I'm really enjoying it," Wassner says.

The Fittest Famous Males Take the Stage

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Who's the fittest of them all? All My Children star Alec Musser with a time of 1:34:46, a full 10 minutes faster than second-place male celebrity actor/director Andy Lauer. The remaining top five spots were filled by Colin Egglesfield (1:44:51), Max Greenfield (1:49:14), and ABC7 news anchor Phillip Palmer (1:51:48).

Mark Feuerstein's Good Luck Charm

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Coming in sixth place among the male celebs, Royal Pains star Mark Feuerstein's performance was impressive. But even more memorable was the actor's genuine desire to raise awareness and encourage support for Children's Hospital Los Angeles, an organization he says saved his daughter's life.

Parker Young Shows Off His Rock-Solid Abs

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If you can look beyond this former model's perfectly sculpted body, you'll find impressive acting chops and brilliant comedic timing. In other words, you can expect to see more of the Suburgatory star on both the big and small screen this season.

Samantha Harris Steps Ups in Style (We Want Those Pants!)

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The super-fit Dancing With the Stars host conquered the bike portion of the race for her mixed relay team, coming in fifth place in their division.


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