Take this as a sign that you should do a mud run or obstacle race this summer. Here are eight more reasons why

By Samantha Lefave
Updated: November 22, 2016

The weekends might be for sleeping in and taking #brunchgoals Instagram snaps...or they could be prime time for getting dirty. Nina Dobrev proved it was the latter this weekend, dominating a Spartan Race course-and looking insanely fierce while doing it.

The Vampire Diaries actress busted through 10 miles and 25+ obstacles with a team of friends she nicknamed #BrothersFromOtherMudders (clever and strong-this girl's got it all), working hard to scale walls, throw spears, and lug boulders up and down a mountain. Of course, she got covered in plenty of mud-and even drew some blood, according to her Instagram-but in the end, it's clear she conquered that course. Here are eight reasons you should follow in her footsteps and sign up for your own mud run or obstacle course this summer.

1. You'll get your workout out of the way

Instead of that exercise to-do list looming over your head all weekend, that sweat sesh gets crossed off the calendar so you can go about your day. Celebratory brunch anyone?

2. You don't need to get up too early

Running races is great, but you usually have to wake up at the crack of dawn to make it to the starting line on time. Not the case with mud runs. Most have multiple waves of starting time throughout the day, so if you're more of a sleep-in-then-sweat kind of girl, you can sign up for a mid-morning kickoff.

3. You get your strength training and cardio in at once

Double whammy, done and done.

4. The photos are badass

If you've ever run a race only to be disappointed by the four or five mediocre photos from the event, you know that it takes a miracle to get a good race photo. But when you're covered in mud, hoisting yourself up a rope or military crawling under barbed wire, you automatically just look fierce. There's no way you're not posting that on social media.

5. You make a lot of friends

Whether you start with a group of buddies or not, mud runs are all about teamwork, and there's no way you're completing the course without taking or lending a helping hand. By the time you reach that finish line, you'll likely have a group of besties to share a victory beer with after it's all said and done.

6. Speaking of beer...

You'll have earned your #boozybrunch status. Hello, you just ran 10 miles and beasted over 20 obstacles. Have a refill.

7. You'll face your fears

Most people go into a mud run thinking a wall is too high to scale or they won't be able to make it across a rung of monkey bars (it's not as easy as it was when you were 12, btw). But throwing yourself into the situation anyway helps you realize these obstacles are really NBD. And if you can't finish, well, that's nothing a few burpees can't fix.

8. You'll feel completely inspired

You never know who will end up on that course with you. Whether it's a wounded war veteran or someone with a debilitating medical condition, when you see them doing their best, it's sure as hell going to motivate you to do the same. (Want proof? Here's 5 Lessons One Woman Learned Running a Tough Mudder Next To A Wounded War Vet.)



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