Struggling with body acceptance? Take note.

By Renee Cherry
Updated: November 17, 2017
Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Padma Lakshmi doesn't care about anyone's stretch mark judgment. In fact, the Top Chef judge recently posted an Instagram story proudly embracing them. Lakshimi labeled the photo "Hey stretch." In the snap, she looks relaxed with heart stickers floating above her head. (This woman is also reminding everyone that stretch marks are beautiful.)

Photo: Instagram @padmalakshmi

Lakshmi recently revealed that in order to set a positive example for her daughter, she's done trying to lose weight for awards season every year. "If I need a bigger dress, so be it," she wrote in the Hollywood Reporter. "That one day-or any day-on the red carpet isn't nearly as important as making sure my daughter doesn't measure her worth by her dress size." (Related: Chrissy Teigen Keeps It Real by Showing Off Her Post-Baby Stretch Marks.)

Sounds like a good role model to us.


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November 20, 2017
I have had white stretch marks for about 10 years, since I gained almost 100 pounds in college. I have since lost the weight but was left with the marks especially on my arms, which left me embarrassed to wear tank tops. Dermalmd stretch mark serum, which I have only been using for 2 months, has already lightened the marks at least 50%!!!