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Petra Nemcova Opens New School In Haiti

Back to School

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After supermodel Petra Nemcova recovered from devastating injuries suffered during the Thailand tsunami 10 years ago, she took action by creating the Happy Hearts Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rebuilding schools affected by natural disasters. This week, four years after the earthquake in Haiti that destroyed and damaged 4,000 schools, Nemcova was thrilled to open the Charles Moravi School in Jacmel, Haiti, in partnership with Digicel Foundation and the Ben Stiller Foundation. The Happy Hearts Fund donated a computer lab for the 900 students who will attend the school, and our cover model took snapshots of her moving experience from the day of to share exclusively with Shape

On Our Way

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 "It is the morning of January 13, and the Happy Hearts Fund and Digicel teams are en route from Port a Prince to Jacmel for the exciting school day." 

Almost There

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"We’re arriving in Jacmel, the culture and art hub of Haiti. It was heavily damage by the 2010 earthquake, but lots of rebuilding has taken place, and still is."

Raising the Flag

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"The earthquake heavily damaged the Charles Moravia School, and students were studying in very unsafe conditions of the building. But today, all 900 students have a safe, disaster-proof school to go to. Here they are raising the Haitian flag proudly for their new, brighter future. "

Opening Words

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"I gave a few words in Creole and English in front of the children, school staff, partners, and local representatives. My voice trembled, I was feeling emotional knowing how much these children went through."

Ribbon Cutting

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"Here is the team behind rebuilding this school: the director and representative from the Department of Education, Inker Botter; CEO of Digicel in Haiti; Sophia Stransky, CEO of Digicel Foundation; Sue Veres Royal, executive director of HHF; and one happy girl." 

High Tech

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"This is the computer lab, which will open a window of educational opportunities for all these children." 

Computer Lessons

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"Meet Mitch Love, who touched a computer for the first time and proudly typed her name!"

Photo Bomb

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"I was beautifully photo-bombed taking this selfie!" 

Class Photo

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"Sue and Laura, HHF program directors, took this photo with the students, who are many flowers in the making."

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

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"Back to the airport in Port a Prince. What a unforgettable day. Bye-bye, Haiti! Cherie, I’ll see you soon."


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