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Photos: Celebrities and Their Pet Dogs

Celebrity Puppy Love: Minka Kelly

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Minka Kelly takes her pup Chewy for a stroll in Beverly Hills. The Friday Night Lights and Parenthood star brought the 5-year-old Cockapoo with her to Miami, where she is currently filming the Charlie's Angels pilot.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Emma Stone

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Spider-Man 4 star Emma Stone takes her pet pooch for a walk during a break in filming. Stone recently adopted a second pup from a rescue shelter in L.A. Check out Miss Stone and other 2011 Golden Globe stunners on the red carpet.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Natalie Portman

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Dog-loving Natalie Portman took her Yorkshire terrier Whiz on a recent shopping trip in Beverly Hills. The Black Swan actress is engaged to dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied and due to have her first child this summer. Find out how Natalie got in ballerina shape for her Oscar-winning role.

Celebrity Puppy Love: January Jones

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January Jones is frequently spotted walking her pup around L.A. The Mad Men actress will next take on the role of Emma Frost in X Men: First Class, set to premiere this summer.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Joe Jonas

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Joe Jonas took his blue bulldog Winston out on the town in L.A. Puppy love seems to run in the Jonas family. Older brother Kevin has two Morkies named Riley and Daisy, and younger brother Nick has a Golden Retriever named Elvis.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Amanda Seyfried

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Amanda Seyfried couldn't look happier, meeting up with friends for lunch in L.A. with her dog Finn in tow. The Red Riding Hood starlet has said she is obsessed with her Australian Shepherd.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Jane Lynch

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Glee star Jane Lynch walked her Lhasa Apso Olivia, named after singer/actress Olivia Newton John, after a family lunch in L.A. Lynch is the proud owner of another pup and two kittens and is an avid animal supporter, speaking out for PETA on the importance of having your pets spayed or neutered.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

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True Blood stars Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin take their two furry friends for a walk in L.A. The newly married couple loves dogs so much that Splash, their Springer Spaniel/Border Collie, served as the ring bearer at their celebrity wedding.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Hugh Jackman

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Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra-Lee Furness bring their French bulldog along when picking up daughter Ava from school in NYC. The Frenchie joined the Jackman clan at the end of last year and has since become a paparazzi favorite.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Liv Tyler

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Liv Tyler was spotted out and about in NYC's West Village with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Neal. Liv's latest project, The Ledge, was picked up after premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2011.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Naomi Watts

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Naomi Watts and her 3-year-old son Alexander head to the park with Bob, their pet Yorkie. Keeping up with her sons and pups must help the actress stay in such great shape. Find out how Naomi and stars over 40 defy aging.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

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Emily Blunt and John Krasinski go for a stroll with their two pups in NYC. Blunt, currently starring in The Adjustment Bureau, and Krasinski, starring in the upcoming Something Borrowed, have said they want children in the future but decided to first extend their family with a pooch.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Sienna Miller

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Sienna Miller is known for standing up for animal rights, recently speaking out against factory pig farms. The actress/fashion designer/dog-lover was spotted walking her terrier mix pooch named Bess around London.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Kellan Lutz

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Twilight star Kellan Lutz hits the L.A. pavement hard with Kola, his rescue pup. A recent study found that walking with your dog increases walking speed more than walking with a human companion. Check out 14 more ways owning a pet dog can improve your health (and your body!).

Celebrity Puppy Love: Blake Lively

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The leggy Blake Lively multitasks on set, seen here shielding her teacup Maltipoo from the NYC cold. The Gossip Girl actress is frequently spotted around the city with her pooch named Penny.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus heads into the recording studio in Santa Monica with her German shepherd puppy, Mate. Cryus, who also owns a Maltipoo named Sophie, got Mate early last year as a gift from her parents.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Kristin Cavallari

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Yorkshire terriers seem to be a favorite among Hollywood starlets. The Hill's Kristin Cavallari takes her toy Yorkie Rocco for a stroll around L.A.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Rachel Bilson

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Rachel Bilson is another actress who doesn't like to be apart from her canine companions. Bilson was seen on the BFF set in L.A. with one furry friend and she has told reporters she even speaks to her pooches on the phone when she can't be with them.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Emmy Rossum

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Emmy Rossum is another Yorkie lover. The Shameless actress is all smiles while walking in L.A. with her dog Cinnamon in tow. Sugar, her Chihuahua, must have stayed home this time.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Kate Beckinsale

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Kate Beckinsale frequently brings her pups along for shopping trips and family hikes in L.A. Beckinsale is currently busy filming the fourth installment of Underworld in Vancouver.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Kelly Osbourne

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SHAPE cover model Kelly Osbourne took her prized Pomeranian puppy Sid to last spring's NYC Fashion Week events. In March 2011 Kelly purchased another Pomeranian that she hopes will be Sid's companion, and she named her Noodles-For-Now.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Jessica Biel

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The always-fit Jessica Biel goes for a morning hike in L.A. with a friend and their pooches. The actress regularly brings her rescue pit bull Tina along for her outdoor cardio.

Celebrity Puppy Love: Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton loves her puppies so much that she reportedly had a $325,000 mini mansion, modeled after her own home, built for them. The heiress once claimed to own 17 dogs and also has cats, a mini pig and a parrot.


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