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Photos: SHAPE’s Star-Studded 30th Birthday Party

Jane Fonda

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Guest of honor Jane Fonda was presented with SHAPE’s Lifetime Achievement Award by November cover models Dr. Oz and wife Lisa Oz. A front-runner in the fitness industry, she has released more than 20 exercise videos since 1982 just one year after SHAPE was born and Fonda’s not stopping now. She has a new book and more fitness videos on the way.

Dr. Oz and His Wife Lisa

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Presenter Dr. Oz and wife Lisa, who appear together on this month’s cover, were cute as pie at our birthday bash, chatting with Jane Fonda and cutting the cake with Editor-in-Chief Tara Kraft. How did the supercharged couple keep the energy up all night? They started the day with their go-to 7-minute morning workout.

JoJo Sings Happy Birthday

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We didn’t even see JoJo come in until she started singing Happy Birthday as Tara Kraft and Dr. Oz cut the birthday cake. What an exciting moment!


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When JoJo took to the stage she looked amazing, and we know she works hard for that body. The singing sensation recently tweeted, “Need to feel the burn to know it’s working. Hurts so good. Need to sweat. And furrow my brow. And choose mind over matter. Try me.” With an attitude like that the young singer is sure to stay in top form for years to come.

Jane Fonda Hits the Dance Floor

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What’s better than a live performance by JoJo? Jane Fonda hitting the dance floor to JoJo’s latest song. At 73 her energy dominated the room.

Ashley Hebert

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Anyone who watched the last season of The Bachelorette knows Ashley Hebert is an avid dancer (loved the Jabbawockeez episode!). When we chatted with her earlier this year we learned she ‘s a healthy eater too, focusing on frequent small meals and nutrient dense foods. That’s why she was an obvious invite to our birthday bash.

Click here to find out exactly what the former Bachelorette eats each day to stay so slim.

J.P. Rosenbaum

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J.P Rosenbaum couldn’t have been any cuter staying by his girlfriend's side through out the night. Aside from sweeping the Bachelorette off her feet we hear the native New Yorker works out at New York Sports Club nearly everyday. He also enjoys healthy food from
Green Café
near his office in the city.

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of the cute couple at our birthday bash on

Kelly Bensimon

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Former SHAPE cover girl Kelly Bensimon looked long and lean at our 30th birthday soiree. How does she do it? Long runs around New York City, group cycling classes, horseback riding, and this body firming-routine she and personal trainer Nick Oram shared with us.

Tara Kraft

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Tara Kraft is not just our Editor-in-Chief—she’s a true SHAPE girl! Sure she hits the gym but when things get busy she sneaks fitness in just like the rest of us. When she moved apartments this summer she knew she was
getting a full-body workout: packing and lifting
. Carrying boxes actually burns 7 calories a minute (that’s 415 an hour)! And of course there’s always room for a little cake.

Jonathan Cheban

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Publicist extraordinaire and reality personality on E!’s The Spin Crowd (although you may know him best from a stint on Keeping up with the Kardashians) Jonathan Cheban is very open about his workouts. He tweeted Equinox, “Happy Anniversary to my FAVORITE place to workout around the country” during the club's recent birthday. He’s also been known to tweet when he cheats on his workout or to share that he “just had the best cardio workout of my life with TRAZER..virtual workout system..WOW…this thing is amasing!” PR stunt or workout passion—either way it gets him moving!

Carrie Keagan

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Carrie Keagan
, co-host of VH1’s morning show Big Morning Buzz Live looked fantastic posing for the cameras. And do you see those brass knuckles on her right hand? Having done her show live in Times Square that morning she kept her energy up all day by eating her daily power breakfast of oatmeal and eggs. But how did she squeeze into that body-hugging dress? By squeezing in exercise wherever she can like walking around town instead of taking a car.

Jason Dundas

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We’re not sure if Australia native Jason Dundas, who currently co-hosts VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live, is still surfing here in New York, but he is definitely staying fit and active. The avid traveler also works fitness into his trips like when he trekked through the Himalayas for two weeks this past year.

Dana Wilkey

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Dana Wilkey from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills looked fit and energetic at the event. How does the busy party planer and reality TV star do it? She loves to hike and run, when she’s not traveling around the world or hosting celebrity-filled soirees! Looks like she’s fitting it all in to us!

Erika Katz

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Former child model, actress and author, Erika Katz was stunning in red. It’s no wonder she looks so good. In her book Bonding over Beauty, A Mother-Daughter Guide to Self-Esteem, Confidence and Trust which came out earlier this year, Katz talks about how she bonds with her daughter over hygiene, makeup, skincare nutrition and fitness. We love that she makes eating right and staying active a family affair!

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