No Beautyblender. No problem.

By Faith Brar
Photo: Emma McIntyre / Getty Images for MTV

Instagram is home to some pretty bizarre beauty hacks. Like, remember when butt contouring was a thing? Or that time people started using laxatives as face primer? And let's not forget when a vlogger applied her foundation with a Beautyblender wrapped inside a condom, causing Twitter and Instagram to collectively freak out.

Well, this week's strange and hilarious beauty moment comes courtesy of Shape cover girl Camila Mendes, who recently served us with a foundation hack that was both perplexing and somehow hunger-inducing at the same time: The pancake Beautyblender. In an Instagram story posted by co-star Cole Sprouse, the Riverdale actress is seen sitting at Pop's Diner on her show's set blending her foundation with a pancake. (Yes, you read that right.)

In the video, Mendes literally folds the pancake in half and dabs it over her chin, forehead, and nose and then smoothes it over her cheekbones as well. While we definitely don't suggest making this a regular step in your beauty routine (because, well, carbs should be eaten and not rubbed all over your face) a fan account recently re-shared the post of the "pancake Beautyblender" moment in case you need to see it to believe it for yourself. (Related: Camila Mendes Admits She Struggles to Love Her Belly and She's Basically Speaking for Everyone)

Just when you think you've seen it all.


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