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Ronda Rousey Has Been Crushing MMA Opponents Since Day 1—and This Amateur Video Proves It


No one would dare argue against Ronda Rousey's badassery. The UFC fighter absolutely crushed her last opponent, Bethe Correia, in a 34-second cage match, and swore she could beat the world's reigning boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather (we would like ringside seats to that, thankyouverymuch) in a social media sparring match that was almost as entertaining as an actual match.

But if you think that kind of confidence is something she's built up over her 15-year MMA career, you would be mistaken. (It's why she's one of these 12 Strong Women Changing the Face of Girl Power As We Know It.)

Video recently re-surfaced of Rousey at her debut amateur MMA match, and she—how do they say it?—absolutely lays the smackdown on her competitor, Autumn Richardson. She can most likely attribute the win to her previous Olympic medal-winning career in judo, but we think it's more about that killer confidence she was clearly born with. I'm feel pretty damn good, it's been a good day," she said in an interview after the fight. And when the MC asked her how long until she'd be ready to turn pro, her answer was simple: "As soon as possible." Girl knows what she wants, and gets after it. How's that for fitspiration?

Watch the clip below to check out the young Rousey in action. 


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