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The Sexiest Shirtless Moments from DWTS Season 14

Donald Driver Wins!

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The DWTS shirtless competition that is. Just look, Peta Murgatroyd can hardly believe what she sees as she pulls off her partner’s jacket during the team paso doble (with shirtless hotties William Levy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy). And speaking of….

Shirtless Trifecta

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William Levy: shirtless. Donald Driver: shirtless. Maksim Chmerkovskiy: shirtless. Need we say more? Oh yeah, their week six team paso doble was awesome!

Shirtless Vampires—Always Good

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We’d take a bite if we had a chance too! Maria Menounos ends her classical week paso doble by taking a bite of partner Derek Hough. Derek gets his revenge during the following night’s encore performance giving the dance a twist by sinking his teeth into Maria’s neck!

Check ME Out!

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Is Maks checking out his own abs? We don’t blame him! Maksim Chmerkovskiy manages to make walking partner Melissa Gilbert down the stairs (in a VERY pink shirt) look sexy during Latin week on Dancing with the Stars.

Occupation: Hot Guy

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According to the guys on Dance Center, “William might be the hottest guy to ever appear on the show.” They also stated his occupation as, “Hot Guy.” We’re glad he’s been getting the job done ever since his most memorable week salsa at the beginning of the season, pictured here.

Stefan Urquelle!

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Jaleel White kicked off Latin week with a sexy samba and showed off his best asset, his arms! Just look at those muscles flex as he dips partner Kym Johnson.

More Paso Doble Please!

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Donald Driver is a beast revealing a bare chest during his aggressive rock week paso doble with partner Peta Murgatroyd. This is the first night he really stood out to us—and it’s not (just) because of his amazing shirtlessness.

Chmerkovskiy Sandwich!

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Melissa Gilbert lives the dream sandwiched between partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy and his brother Val Chmerkovskiy. The partner of already eliminated Sherri Shepherd returned to the competition for a samba on trio week. Sadly, Melissa was eliminated the following night. Somehow, we don’t feel that bad for her…

Capes Required, Shirts Optional

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Ok, he looks a little dorky in the classical week cape but a shirtless Mark Ballas is never a bad thing (better if he’s practicing Muay Thai). Partner Katherine Jenkins usually steals the spotlight but it was hard to take your eyes off of Mark during their rumba to “Cannon in D.”

Hilarious but Not Hot

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They may be one of the hottest couples to have ever graced the Dancing with the Stars stage, and this may have been one hot salsa, but this shirtless moment is decidedly not hot. Hilarious. But not hot. But maybe we’re wrong…this is the dance with the kiss that’s been questioned all season long!

Aww, Roshon!

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Aww Roshon, just like they said in your Dance Center bio during week seven, you’re 20 but you look 10. For all our young fans out there here’s a picture of a shirtless Roshon Fegan dancing the paso doble with partner Chelsie Hightower and DWTS Troupe member Sasha Faber (not pictured) during trio week, his last performance before being eliminated.


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