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Super-Fit Celebrity Moms

Famous Mother: Jennifer Garner

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Fit mom Jennifer Garner doesn't just watch daughter Violet when they head to the playground, she joins in the fun! In 45 minutes, the average woman can burn up to 200 calories playing with kids.

Play your way to a better body with these fun ideas.

Famous Mother: Trista Sutter

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Former bachelorette Trista gets a great workout tossing son Maxwell overhead during a day by the pool. Check out those arms—who knew a baby could be a fit mom's body sculpting tool?

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Famous Mother: Cindy Crawford

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Time spent chasing daughter Kaia in and out of the water keeps Cindy lean and strong. Running on sand is a great way to tone legs; maybe that's part of this model mom's secret to gorgeous gams.

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Famous Mother: Reese Witherspoon

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Reese Witherspoon and son Deacon stopped by Big 5 Sporting Goods to stock up on sporty staples like a big red kickball. With stylish sneakers and a baseball cap, this fit mom brings sporty chic to the playground.

Rock the cutest trend in workout clothes and you can be as stylish as Reese when you get active.

Famous Mother: Jessica Alba

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Glam and gorgeous mom Jessica Alba kicks off her shoes and gets right in the sand when playing with daughter Honor. Pushing her tiny tyke is a great upper body workout.

Looking for a workout that will really challenge your upper body? Try this incredible sculpting routine.

Famous Mother: Kendra Wilkinson

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Kendra Wilkinson's 10-month-old son, Hank, isn't ready to hit the soccer field yet, but that didn't stop this hot mama from enjoying an afternoon of fun in the sun with a friend's daughter. What better way to lose the baby weight than playing the sports you loved as a kid with a kid?

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Famous Mother: Heidi Klum

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On a trip to Aspen, fit mom Heidi Klum enjoyed an afternoon at an outdoor rink with her family. Here she helps daughter Leni stay on her feet as son Henry skates by. Half an hour of ice skating burns 242 calories. Wonder how many more you burn when repeatedly picking up a stumbling child?

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