Three female athletes and friends cross the finish line to take home gold, silver, and bronze

By By Justine Hall
August 18, 2016
Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

After an incredible show at the women's 100-meter hurdles event last night, it looks like The Final Five could have a run (literally) for their money when it comes to unstoppable girl groups in Rio. (ICYMI, check out these Jaw-Dropping Highlights from Team USA's Gymnastics Domination In Rio.) For the first time in Olympic history, three USA athletes swept the competition and took home the gold, silver, and bronze medals, which were awarded to Brianna Rollins, Nia Ali, and Kristi Castlin respectively. If that's not the definition of #squadgoals, we don't know what is.

The victory is made even sweeter because this these ladies are more than just teammates, the trio considers themselves truly friends. Rollins actually trains with Castlin and has known Ali for years.

Just a few weeks earlier during an Olympic qualifying race, the women posted photos of the dream team together celebrating each runner's success. Castlin summed up their success at the trials best: "Headed to Rio with two beautiful souls!"

Rollins got in on the hype too, posting a pic of herself and her teammates whom she calls the 'Hurdle Gang'. Nothing would compare to the celebration that was to come, though.

Rollins crossed the finish line in 12.48 seconds and with Ali was hot on her trail finishing at 12.59 seconds, the gold and silver medalist saw their names pop up on the big screen almost instantly. The bronze medal spot took what felt like a century to populate, but after a brief pause, the crowd erupted as Castlin's name filled in to complete the trio. She clocked in at 12.61. Afterward, when these ladies had accomplished what has never been done before, the focus wasn't on who came in first, second, or third, but rather how they finished as a team.

"I knew I was in second, but I didn't know what else happened," Ali said. "So when we looked up at the screen, we were like 'Did we do it? Did we do it?' and then we saw Kristi's name come up and it was like, Yes!'"

Castlin echoed that sentiment saying, "We came into this together. A lot of times athletes go into it as individuals, but we had a different perspective. We came into it as a team, for girl power, for USA!" (Need more female inspiration? Look no further than These Strong Women Who Are Changing the Face of Girl Power As We Know It.)

While each woman had their own journey to the Olympics and to that finish line in Rio, their paths came together to form a team in a sport that is traditionally looked at as a solo act. Here's hoping their epic win will go down in history not just for their podium domination, but for their refreshing perspective on what it means to be a team player.


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