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Top 10 Celebrity Body Transformations of 2013

Miranda Lambert

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Miranda Lambert knows how to rock her curves both on and off the stage, but the country star decided to slim down in a major way before her milestone 30th birthday in November.

"I spent my 20s on a roller coaster—my yo-yo weight, working all the time, and partying. I just wanted to get healthier and go into my 30s in the best shape I could be in," Lambert says.

The bubbly blonde reportedly dropped 25 pounds and a dress size off her 5'4" frame, thanks to cardio, circuit training, fresh-pressed juices, and giving up Cheetos.

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Chaz Bono

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Just one year ago, LGBT advocate, author, and musician Chaz Bono weighed in at 250 pounds and was advised on The Doctors to lose "between 50 and 80 pounds." The 44-year-old son of Cher and Sonny Bono debuted his amazing slim-down in September, looking trim, toned, and most importantly, feeling good.

Chaz not only met his weight-loss goal, he surpassed it! The DWTS alum dropped more than 85 pounds. How did he do it? For starters, by eliminating 99 percent of grains and dairy from his diet, saying, "I pretty much eat vegetables, meat, fruit, nuts... my birthday is the one day of the year I'll do cake."

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Christina Aguilera

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What a difference a year makes! Thanks to a well-balanced diet, yoga, and regular workouts with her trainer, Tee Sorge, Christina Aguilera reportedly lost almost 50 pounds in 2013 and has never looked better. But don't expect to see Xtina in the gym too much; the pop diva says her son Max gives her plenty of exercise.

"If I have to choose between working out and spending time with my son after a hard day, it's not even a question," she's said.

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Chris Pratt

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Hollywood hunk Chris Pratt showed off some epic weight loss in 2013, thanks to his new role in the Marvel superhero flick Guardians of the Galaxy. The actor has become somewhat known for his fluctuating weight, having previously toned up to play a Navy SEAL in Zero Dark Thirty before packing on the pounds to goof off on-screen with Vince Vaughn in The Delivery Man. But according to his Instagram account, the 36-year-old is super buff once again and not afraid to show it! Wearing only a pair of baggy shorts surrounded by weight lifting equipment, the Parks and Recreation star sure has one toned torso.

“Six months no beer,” he wrote. “Kinda douchey to post this but my brother made me.”

Khloe Kardashian

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The reality star has never looked better, reportedly shedding 25 pounds this year and attributing her slimmer figure to "consistency."

"I have been working out at least four days a week. I eat better in moderation. I still have to eat, I love food… it's just eating in moderation. It's lifestyle changes," the brunette bombshell said on an episode of Watch What Happens Live in May.

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Jason Segel

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The 33-year-old How I Met Your Mother star started getting into serious shape for his latest movie, Sex Tape, a few months ago, and clearly he's getting results! "I've just been living healthy, exercising, eating right—no more midnight pizzas," he told Us Weekly. "This time when I take my shirt off, I've made a promise to myself, it doesn't have to be funny."

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Kim Kardashian

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Since Kim Kardashian welcomed daughter North West in June, she's already lost more than 50 pounds (and the world is still talking about it!). The brunette bombshell looks amazing, and despite rumors swirling she had some pretty pricey plastic surgery to help shed the weight, she credits the Atkins Diet and daily hikes with the fam as the real reasons for her suddenly slimmer physique.

"I'm so proud of my accomplishment & NO ONE will take this away from me with fake reports!" Kardashian tweeted. "Say what u want about me but I work hard & am the most disciplined person u will ever meet!"

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Hilary Duff

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Even though Hilary Duff didn't put too much pressure on herself to lose the 50 pounds she gained after giving birth to son Luca in March of 2012, she admits it was still a long and hard struggle. "I never had to lose so much before, and it took a while to get mentally motivated," the 26-year-old told Life & Style. "I was enjoying being home with my baby, and I wasn't super strict."

When she finally decided to revamp her diet and start boxing with trainer Gabe Johns, the actress started to slim down in a big way. "[Boxing] makes me feel super fierce. Gabe and I boxed outside my home, so my neighbors watched the whole shrinking process! They cheered me on!"

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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

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The Jersey Shore star showed off a dramatic 50-pound weight loss on Dancing With the Stars this year, and no one is as proud of her terrific transformation as the new mama herself. Aside from cha-cha-cha'ing her way into homes across America, the 26-year-old credits her new pint-sized, sexy shape to cutting out alcohol.

"Once I had Lorenzo, I'm like, 'I cannot be hung over taking care of my baby'. It's not right," she's said. "I want to set a good example… to eat healthy and work out. I hardly drink any more. I eat a lot of chicken and vegetables."

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Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga usually follows a super strict diet and grueling workout plan, but after gaining 25 pounds last summer, the pop star was the subject of nasty tabloid headlines about her weight. Turns out it was her latest album "ArtPop" that motivated the songstress to hit the gym.

"I'm really very fascinated with this transformation inside of me, that I am feeling very happy and confident in the work that I have created," she's said. "I really love this album. I mostly love this album because it helped me lose 30 pounds in the gym!"

The 27-year-old superstar followed a portion-controlled diet and turned to yoga, running, and strength training for exercise (and walking around in those sky-high heels didn't hurt!).

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