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Top 15 Athletes to Follow for Fitspiration

Allyson Felix

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Olympic Gold Track and Field Sprinter

With four Olympic gold medals, it's no surprise that one of the fastest women in sports is dedicated to her workouts.

Back in February, the athlete posted this awesome shot on Instagram with the caption, "Hello Monday! Time to do work. How hard are you willing to push yourself? Let's make this week better. #goals #beastmode"

Gretchen Bleiler

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Professional Snowboarder

Gretchen Bleiler is one fierce female, in and out of the gym. Case in point? This intense shot she posted to Instagram in May.

"One last insta-fit session in with @B_Project before going up to ride with #ussnowboarding for 2 weeks @Mammothunbound @OakleyWomen," she wrote.

Elana Meyers

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American Bobsledder

When it comes to Elana Meyers' workout routine, having no time off is no problem! The American bobsledder is so devoted to her training, she even gets her fitness on during a holiday.

"No days off on the #roadtoSochi #HappyMemorialDay"

Jennie Finch

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Olympic Softball Phenom

Even the most famous athlete in women's softball has days where she needs a little motivation. Back in April, she Instagrammed this pic of herself along with the caption, "75 minute bike ride today! Convincing myself the wind is my friend! #TriTraining

Anastasia Ashley

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Professional Surfer

By the looks of this oh-so-hot photo, professional surfer Anastasia Ashley doesn't get that body by taking it easy. Not even on vacation. If only we could all do that!

"I'm on vacation and I'm at the gym at 8am. No pain, no gain," she wrote on Instagram March 24.

Ronada Rousey

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World/Olympic Medalist in Judo/Strikeforce, UFC Champ in MMA

MMA champ Ronda Rousey kicks some major butt, especially when it comes to making time for her workouts!

"Our coach @gtc_diamond was cool enough to come train me and @marinashafir at the beach this morning at 6am before our flight to ATL #handleit #allday #venicetraining #veniceintheam," she shared on Instagram May 25.

Lindsey Vonn

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World Cup Alpine Ski Racer

While she may be making more headlines lately for dating Tiger Woods, we shouldn't lose sight of what World Cup Alpine Ski Racer Lindsey Vonn should be noticed for. "You can always become better. #inspired #sochiolympics2014 #hardworkpaysoff," she posted to Instagram on April 9.

Gabrielle Douglas

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Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Gymnastics

At the 2012 Summer Olympics, Gabby Douglas stole our hearts and a few gold medals in the process—and no doubt inspired millions around the world with her winning attitude.

"DREAM the impossible SEEK the unknown ACHIEVE greatness," she posted on Instagram in April with this amazing pic, confirming us as true Gabby fans forever.

Stephanie Rice

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Australian Swimmer

One thing's for sure, swimmer Stephanie Rice has some pretty rockin' abs. But even total pro's like her have moments when they're not feeling their best.

"I give myself 3 months to get back to this. Yes a massive selfie but I'm using it as inspiration to get really fit again #nofilter," the sexy swimmer posted to Instagram in April.

Victoria Azarenka

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Belarusian Pro Tennis Player

As one of the world's top-ranked women's tennis players, Victoria Azarenka never gives excuses—even crazy, drastic weather—to skip a workout.

Taking it to the next level! Snow, hail… it's the end of May but not the end of practice #weather #teamvika," she wrote along with this Instagram shot. Sounds like an ace to us!"

Michelle Jenneke

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Australian Hurdler

At just 19 years old, Michelle Jenneke proves with this pic why she's one of the top youth hurdlers in the world—practice makes perfect.

"Train hard…#hurdles #tracklife," she posted to Instagram back in February.

Hannah Teter

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Olympic Champion Snowboarder

Don't mess with Hannah Teter—on or off the slopes. The champion snowboarder uploaded this feisty shot to Instagram last October with the caption, "They call me Mu-Hannah Ali! Put up your pink boxing mitts and lets do this! #punch #pink #HERO3 #GoPro

Kerri Walsh

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Professional Beach Volleyball Player

Kerri Walsh just had her third child in April, but she's already well on her way to getting her bod back in premium post-baby shape. Her fitspiration? The pro beach volleyball star admits to staring at her Oakley bikini (daily!) as her motivation to get ripped.

"About to get REALLY sweaty," she wrote onInstagram on May 30, along with this candid workout photo.

Lori "Lolo" Jones

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Track and Field Olympian

It's nice to see that even Olympic-level athletes like Lolo Jones have days when they just don't feel like working out.

In March the world champion uploaded this shot to Instagram, writing "Get up or quit? The war inside. #trackproblems"

Natalie Coughlin

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12-Time Olympic Gold Medalist for USA Swimming

Natalie Coughlin didn't win 12 Olympic Gold Medals for swimming without some serious motivation. After more than a decade of competing, she still works at it—and works at it hard.

"Tough run today. My face matches my pants," she posted to Instagram last November.


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