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U.S. Athletes Show Off Their Fitness Skills By Crushing Crazy Feats

Simone Biles

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USA gymnast and 18-year-old Simone Biles posted a video on Twitter of her crushing this crazy high rope climb. In case you were wondering whether gymnasts are some of the fittest human beings on the planet, that theory is now confirmed. Too bad rope climbing isn't an Olympic sport—we'd place all our bets on her for Rio.

Lolo Jones

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Double-sport Olympian Lolo Jones was recovering from a torn labrum in her right shoulder, so she improvised. She posted this Instagram video with the caption: "Find. A. Way. Still not cleared to use my right arm. I am limited but not limitless. Don't stop till I have a Popeye arm." (She recently told us the secret to her non-stop motivation.)

Lindsey Vonn

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As if regular push-ups weren't hard enough, Lindsey Vonn posted a video doing push-ups on dumbbells with a heavy chain around her neck. Now that's what we call beast mode. (And that's not the only reason she's an inspiration for female athletes everywhere.)

Natalie Coughlin

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Raise your hand if you can do a pull-up. Now raise your hand if you can do a pull-up with a 35-pound plate tied around your waist with a chain. Yeah, we thought so. U.S. swimmer Natalie Coughlin posted this pic on her Instagram with the hashtag #EyesOnRio—and with muscles like those, we're thinking gold is in sight. (Want to know how she fuels up for a workout like this? She answers that and all our other burning questions in this Q&A.)

April Ross

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We still can't figure out how U.S. volleyball player April Ross jumps this high—except for blaming her crazy high serving skills and those powerful, sand-pounding leg muscles. She was one of our hottest Team USA athletes at the London Olympics in 2012, and we can only imagine she'll continue the legacy in Rio this summer.

Abby Johnston

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U.S. diver Abby Johnston does flips into the pool on the regular—but this is apparently the first time she's ever done a "dry board double." You have to click over to her Instagram to watch the full video (we can see why this is scarier onto a mat than into a pool!).

Emma Coburn

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Rio hopeful and London Olympics steeplechase runner Emma Coburn upped the ante on her pistol squats (as if they weren't hard enough on solid ground). Despite her super focused concentration in this Instagram video, she kept the caption funny: "Weebles wooble but they don't fall down. Almost fell down doing these...but I remained a weeble. Making these squats harder by standing on a disc...ignore the horrible back posture and crazy arms."

Candace Parker

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U.S. basketball player Candace Parker won Olympic gold in 2008 and 2012, so we're thinking Rio will be lucky number three—just like the three basketballs she's dribbling simultaneously in this Instagram video. That looks like the ultimate Olympic basketball training.

Mariel Zagunis

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Mariel Zagunis is a two-time Olympic fencing champion and 23-time world medalist (yes, you read that right). So it's no wonder she can dominate a balance board push-up with impeccable form. She is one seriously dangerous athlete. (Here are 4 Challenging Push-Up Variations to get you on her level.)

Hannah Teter

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Hannah Teter, Olympic gold and silver medalist for the snowboard halfpipe, combines a box jump with a pistol squat in this crazy Instagram video—yes, she jumped that high on one leg. Follow her for insane training snapshots as well as all the snowboarding motivation you could ever need.


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