Check out the Instagram videos to see just how flexible this yogi is

By Kylie Gilbert

Thanks to a series of Instagram videos Miley Cyrus posted earlier today, we now have an inside look into how the singer "starts da day right": with some seriously advanced yoga.

We knew Miley's been a yogi for the past few years-often posting photos in handstand pose and even doing yoga with her dog-but, damn, we have to say we were pretty impressed by her flexibilty in this trippy video. If you're trying to conquer inversions, this girl is straight up #goals. Bonus: her adorable kitten even makes an appearance, which spawned one Instagram user to create this hilarious meme which Miley later shared. (And on that note, see: Instagrams That Will Make You Want to Om with Animals.)

Yes, her daily yoga routine is sure as hell helping her tone the body she showed off practically naked last year at the VMAs, but she's really in it for the mental health benefits, she says. "Gotta do yoga not for my body but for my mind! DO YOGA or GO CRAZY!" she captioned one of the videos. (ICYMI: Lena Dunham is also all about working out for her brain over her body, too.) Makes sense, since Miley has said in interviews that ashanta yoga is not only her favorite exercise but the closest thing to religion to her.

With any luck, we'll get more videos like these from Miley to inspire us on the reg (in addition to all the #FreetheNipple and Justin Bieber lookalike photos, of course).


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