November 30, 2010

Being the ultimate all-American supermodel isn't an easy feat, but Christie Brinkley makes it look effortless. She continues to be one of the most beautiful women in the world and stays in top shape. Here, in an exclusive interview with, the 56-year-old mother of three reveals how she fits exercise into her busy schedule and shares the workout routine that keeps her in great shape. Christie also offers advice on how anyone can look their best and stay fit with the same techniques. Read on to find out how Christie feels about her age, taking rest days and why blow drying her hair is such an important part of her workout routine! At 56, you look amazing!

Christie Brinkley: My age has so little to do with my image of myself because at a certain point, the number just didn't fit how I felt. It has become irrelevant to me. I just don't feel like that number is representative of my spirit, of my energy or my anything! Learn to embrace your age like Christie does with these celebrity beauty secrets for your 20s, 30s, and 40s. I like to mix it up. I get bored if I do the same thing. The only constant that I have in my life is that I start whatever I do with my Total Gym, because I believe it helps keep me from getting injured. I've had injuries in my life from things beyond my control: runaway horses, helicopters that decide to crash on mountaintops, boating accidents-things that were out of my hands. Starting on the Total Gym is kind of like doing a yoga routine (I also do yoga). In the way yoga prepares the body for any possible event, I feel like the Total Gym does the same. Christie's not the only sexy celebrity who relies on the Total Gym to stay in shape-discover who else does in this celebrity workout exclusive. How long do you work out each day?

Christie Brinkley: I usually just jump on my Total Gym and do 15 minutes of my own little routine that I've developed. It gives me a little [workout for my] stomach, my arms, my upper body, and my lower body. It stretches and strengthens and then I'm out and about. Some of the things I like to do include kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, sometimes surfing, sometimes rafting, running on the beach, and walking down the beach waving my arms-I call it swimming down the beach. Kind of silly looking, but I don't care. Do you have rest days?

Christie Brinkley: Oh sure. My biggest deterrent to getting the workout I need is just that my days are so full and so busy. It's those days when I just get going and then I just say, 'Well, you know what, so that's my rest day.' Don't think you have the time to work out or eat right? recommends The Busy Girl's Guide to Eating Right. What do you do to exercise as a family?

Christie Brinkley: Parents were teasing me at the games last week. I was on the sidelines using a bench to do arm presses, and then using it like a step board to step up and down. Everyone was shivering on the sidelines and I just used the bleachers to do step exercises. It helped me stay warm while I watched the game and cheered them on. What advice do you have for people starting a new workout so they stay energized, motivated and don't get hurt?

Christie Brinkley: I think variety is the spice of sticking with an exercise routine, whether it's getting a dance tape one day, or getting a tape with those stretchy things to work with resistance on a different day. Arm yourself with a few different things. Ask your friends to go jogging or on a long walk. Sign up for a dance class. I really think that mixing it up it keeps it fun. And that's really the only way that you can stick with it. What are three body moves that are must-dos for every woman?

Christie Brinkley: When I dry my hair, I literally think about the times during your day when you are a captive audience. I think of drying my hair as really boring. I thought, 'OK, I'm going to multitask.' I'll dry my hair as though I'm sitting on a chair, even though there's no chair there. Then I'll do some squats. I'm always careful that my knee doesn't extend beyond my foot so I don't put stress on my knees, but you can do so much for your upper legs while you're drying your hair. When I am brushing my teeth, I'm bending my leg behind me, or I'm lifting my leg up and holding it in that position so I'm squeezing my butt in. I can do that while I'm washing or slicing vegetables, too. Or I go up and down on my toes, working my calves a little bit. I also try to get in 100 push-ups every day. It's really easy. I keep a rolled up yoga mat under my bed. I throw it down and I'll do 30 push-ups before I get in the shower. Then I do another 20 before I dry my hair, and now I've done 50. After I dry my hair, I'll come back and I'll do more.