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Celebrity Workouts: How Stars Stay Fit Behind the Scenes

Celeb Workout Routine: AnnaLynne McCord

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On screen: 90201 star AnnaLynne McCord shows off her bikini body while shooting a surf scene. Real life: The 23-year-old TV actress told us she doesn't live at the gym and credits her perfectly toned figure to outdoor workouts with friends—maybe even a little surfing. AnnaLynne shares more of her hot body secrets.

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Celeb Workout Routine: Reese Witherspoon

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On screen: Reese Witherspoon runs around Vancouver in work clothes while shooting scenes for her upcoming film This Means War. Real life: Life imitates art for this 34-year-old mother of two, who is constantly spotted running. Reese also stays in amazing shape with these yoga workouts.

Celeb Workout Routine: Halle Berry

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On screen: Halle Berry sports a wetsuit for her role as a modern-day adventurer in Dark Tide. Real life: The 44-year-old mother is diabetic, but she stays healthy and slim by following celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak's 5-Factor Fitness plan—no wetsuit necessary. Pasternak gave us his top tips for boosting energy.

Celeb Workout Routine: Rihanna

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On screen: Rihanna gets physical as a naval officer in her big-screen debut for the action film Battleship, which was inspired by the board game. Real life: Of course, Rihanna's not actually a naval officer, but she's still in amazing shape. And she does it the old fashioned way, balancing cardio workouts and weight training with healthy eating. Try Rihanna’s quick and easy soup recipe.

Celeb Workout Routine: Julie Bowen

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On screen: On the set of Modern Family, TV actress Julie Bowen looks like a natural on a bike. Real life: When the camera stops rolling, the 40-year-old mother of three ditches the bike for running shoes and 45-minute early morning runs. Are you an early riser? Fuel up for your morning workout with these power foods.

Celeb Workout Routine: Mila Kunis

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On screen: Mila Kunis dances around an airport filming scenes for her upcoming movie with Justin Timberlake, Friends with Benefits. Real life: The 5'3" actress prefers outdoor workouts like jet skiing and snowboarding to hitting the gym (and dancing). Mila knows you don’t have to get fit inside. Burn fat with these fun winter activities.

Celeb Workout Routine: Sophie Monk

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On screen: Sophie Monk was spotted on the set of her Australian TV show doing a few yoga stretches. Real life: You’re looking at it—this photo was taken during a break in filming. It also helps that the model-actress reportedly never misses a trip to the gym. Steal workout tips from more of Hollywood’s hottest celebs.


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