You'll be inspired to head straight to the weights at your gym after watching her demonstrate the tricky move.

By Renee Cherry
July 16, 2019
Presley Ann/Getty Images

If you've scrolled Alison Brie's Instagram feed, then you know she works hard at the gym. The actress has posted footage of herself cranking out challenging exercises like weighted pull-ups, one-arm pull-ups, and sled pushes. Now, she's showed off a new move she learned: landmine curtsy lunges. (Related: The Exercises Alison Brie Did to Train for "GLOW" Season 2)

Alison posted a video to Instagram of herself making the lunges look practically effortless. "You learn something new every move courtesy of @rismovement got my buns on [fire emojis]," she wrote in her caption. (Related: Someone Told Alison Brie She Should Be 'Baking Cookies Not Rocking Pull-Ups')

If you're unfamiliar with landmines, they are set up with a base attached to a metal tube that you can place a barbell into to create a lever. From there you can add weights to the barbell as Brie did. Either way, you shouldn't overlook the piece of equipment. "The landmine is a fantastic piece of equipment for many reasons, but a big one for me is its ability to make traditional linear movements more three-dimensional," Matt Delaney, Equinox Tier X Coach, previously told us.

Landmine curtsy lunges in particular primarily target your quads and glutes, along with your hamstrings and calves, says Kasumi Miyake, personal trainer at PureGym. In general, curtsy lunges activate the glutes more than regular reverse lunges, she says, and they are great for activating those tough to target smaller butt muscles like the gluteus medius. (Related: How Alison Brie Created Her Own Workout Plan While Filming In the Middle of Nowhere)

The exercise doesn't just work your legs and butt, though. "As the weight itself is in front of the body as you are lunging, landmine curtsy lunges also activate your core," says Miyake. "Since they get multiple parts of the body working at once, they make a great option over some machine-based leg exercises that might have you seated and only targeting one muscle group." Brie's variation on the move included a knee lift, which also adds a stability challenge.

There you have it: Brie has yet again pulled off a sick exercise that's definitely worth stealing for your own routine.


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